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About Wondershare

Why are Wondershare products preferred over the other products?

The National Planning Software Enterprises of China maintains the Wondershare Technologies. The company based out of China has offices all over the world in more than 150 countries. Situated even in nations like China and USA, Wondershare Technologies are providing the best of services and products. Due to their extreme dedication, they are one of the biggest companies in the world.  

What are the various products offered by Wondershare Technologies?

These are the various services and products offered by Wondershare Technologies.


Filmora is video editing software from Wondershare technologies. Using Filmore, you could be able to edit the videos using the excellent tools that come along with this software. The videos that are edited have their own worth. No one these days wishes to see videos that are dull and boring. These video editing applications that come in with a range of tools helps even the amateurs to make excellent videos. This software is easy to handle even for those who do not have any firsthand experience video editing. This software is compatible both with Windows as well as for MAC.

Some amazing features of this software are:

Overlaying and using filters: The filters and the overlaying of graphics give special effects to your videos.
Text styles: The various text styles that are used for titles, openers differentiate the quality of content in the video.
Drag and Drop: You can drag and drop some of the best
Transitions:The transitions need to be provided

Basic Features of the software

There are few basic features that are quintessential for making videos better.

4k for better resolution: You can edit videos up to 4k resolution using this

Noise Removal: The unwanted noise in the videos can be removed with the help of this editing software.

Social Import: This feature enables you to download your pictures and videos from your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram etc.,

Preview: The special video software should help you check frame by frame for providing great quality.

Zoom and pan: This is one of the best features that help you to pan and zoom across the video.

Color Tuning: The colors of the video can be tuned if they are not properly tuned using this feature.

Speed Control: There might be sudden increase or decrease in speed that reduces the quality of the video produced. So, the speed control would help you to keep a check that every single frame has the same speed.

Reverse: Certain areas of your videos would need a reverse motion but without actually spoiling the quality. This is provided by this software.

Portrait Support: When most of the other software can only provide great end result with landscape mode, this software also provides portrait support.

Camera Shake: This is one of the most common problems that occur while shooting a video. This problem can be rectified by using this software.

GIF Support: The GIFs should be supported by the videos at the same time they should not look shabby.

Advanced features of this software

There are a lot of advanced features of this software that provide enhanced videos.

Picture over Picture: If you are going to place a picture over picture using software, it is sure to appear shabby. But, that is not the case with this software; this indeed supports placing pictures over pictures.

Split screen: If you are going to split the screen into two or more equal halves for providing effects, then this feature is going to prove very useful.

Screen Recording: You could even record what is on the screen using this software. The other screen recording software makes it feel very evident but this particular software makes sure that it is not evident.

Video Stabilization: If you want a more stable video, then you can stabilize the video using this software.

Audio Separation: There are high chances of audio getting merged over the other. This can be rectified using this software.

Audio Equalizer: This is used to provide the required pitching and other audio effects to the video.

Cropping and Resizing: Cropping is something you can do easily with pictures. But, there is hardly few software that provides excellent cropping and resizing for videos.

Blurring the background: Sometimes you need to focus only on certain areas whereas blur the other places. An easy task that can be performed on the pictures cannot be performed on videos. But, this particular video editing software does it with much ease.

You can also download a lot of other features from the store. After using a trial version of the software which is for free, you can actually buy the original package.

These are the video controls provided by the software.

Aspect Ratio

These are the audio controls provided by the software.

Fade in
Fade out
Voice over


This is the application that has been released by Wondershare technologies for the mobile phones. Though the professionals use the DSLR for shooting videos, the common people still use the mobile phones for shooting videos. There are also several instances where you cannot carry your camera everywhere, so you shoot videos using the mobile phone. So, there must be a proper video editing application for mobile phone, so Wondershare came up with this idea of providing the same features that can are used in a desktop video editing software in a mobile application video editing software.


This is one of the best software exclusively designed for recording the screen.

Features of Filmorascrn

These are some of the features of filmorascrn.

Record from two devices at a time. The videos and other motion on the desktop can be captured as well as the motion on the webcam can also be captured.
Editing the videos captured on the software using the inbuilt tools.
This works the best for capturing the games that are fast paced. It is not an easy task to record the games that are played on a PC. But, using this particular software, you can capture the fast motion on the screen without any problem.
There are a lot of options for text annotations provided in this software. You can keep adding the new and better fonts to the videos that increase the readability and also enhance the quality of the video.
Import and Export. You can import using various video formats. There are also a lot of options for exporting the videos from one type to another.


This is one of those products from Wondershare that came as a blessing in disguise for all the video bloggers. The strenuous efforts which the video bloggers undergo for providing great quality content by actually editing the videos to a large extent are reduced by the usage of this software. There are not too many applications available for video blogging. But, Wondershare has provided one for the users.


This is one application released by Wondershare that received rave reviews. The application reduced the burden of running to those who repair mobile phones. Moreover, it is not an easy task to follow the step by step instruction provided on the websites to make your phone work properly. You cannot have a phone DIY kit all the time at your home. So, this application came handy. Any problem on your phone, you don’t have to worry if you have installed this particular application on your phone. This application provides the repair for your phone from within your phone itself.

These are some of the actions that can be performed by this application

Restore Data: If you have deleted the data on your phone by any chance, then you can restore the data on your phone.
Backup: If your phone is running out of storage space, then you would be looking for the right spaces to clear on your phone. Everyone cannot be very sure of where they could be able to delete as a fear persists inside them that If any important data might get deleted. This fear can be removed if the person uses this particular application to clear the space and backup.
Unlock: If your phone gets unlocked due to some unavoidable circumstances, then you could actually use this software using this software.
Erase: Using this software, you can delete a lot of unwanted data on your phone.
Transfer:  filesUsing this software, you can transfer a lot of files between various devices.

Pdf element

This is one of that software that provides all in one service for editing the content on the pdf. The pdf is the most commonly used type of documents all over the world. But, if people wish to edit anything, they convert the pdf to word and then they edit as they are unable to make changes to the PDF file itself. This particular software apart from letting you edit also makes sure to provide the space for adding other details to the PDF.

Video Converter

It is a known fact that the same video format cannot be used for all the devices. So, using a video converter would actually help you to modify the content on the video as and when you wish to. There are other exciting features about this video editor that makes it a must download one.
You do not have to install a separate software for downloading the videos from YouTube. The tools within this particular video converter will itself help to download the videos from YouTube.

This converter also helps you to convert the video to an Mp3 in few minutes. The qualities that are undesirable in a video can be removed when it is converted into an Mp3.

This converter also helps you to download the videos from a streaming site without any interruptions.

Fotophire- This is one of the most widely used applications for editing photos even by the professional photographers. Any photo that is clicked needs to get enhanced with some special touch. And this is provided with the help of this software.
Recoverit- This is one of the best software that has been developed exclusively for recovering the lost data on your device.

How do Wondershare technologies stand apart from the other tech companies?

These are the ways by which Wondershare technologies have carved a niche for themselves.

Not just promoting the product: They do not just promote their product; the company also provides a lot of tips and a user-friendly guide. This helps even those who are totally unfamiliar with video editing to learn easily. There are also several links to the external blogs for providing top-notch content as tips for their customers. These are few things that show that the company is bothered about the customer satisfaction.

One stop place: If you have an opinion that Wondershare produces software only for editing videos, then you are wrong. Wondershare proves to be the one-stop place for all the digital needs of the new age. If you buy the entire set of Wondershare software all at once, then you can keep using this software for all the problems you face in your digital devices.

Provides solution in many languages: Since the product is targeted at people who live all over the world, then the solution should also be provided in global languages.

Strong customer support: This is one of the strong aspects of this firm. They provide excellent customer support. If you have any trouble with any feature of the software, you could call up the company and clear your doubts.

Available for all major platforms: There is much software that isn’t that compatible with the other platforms. This problem is not found in the case of the products from Wondershare. The products are designed keeping in mind the various needs and the supporting ability of the platforms.

Thus, one can see that Wondershare boasts of an amazing tech team who keep updating their products. The quality of the product speaks to the success of the company. Their dedication towards providing the best to the customers shows clearly in their products.

Last updated on May 10, 2018