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About Western Digital

Western Digital: A Trusted Leader In The World Of Storage Technology

Western Digital Corporation which is also known as WDC, in short, is one of the leading manufacturers of computer storage devices and also one of the largest manufacturers of computer hard disk in the world. It is basically a company based in America that produces quality storage devices for its customers to store their essential data safely.

The company was founded on April 23rd in the year 1970 by Alvin B. Phillips who was an employee of Motorola. Since its establishment, the company has grown in business and has managed to expand its wings all over the world. With time the company has gained the trust of its customers and thus have been able to establish its name in the electronic storage device industry.

When it comes to data storage devices no other company stands in competition with Western Digital. It is one of the largest manufacturers of hard disk drives (HDDs) and also produces solid-state drives (SSDs) which are much faster than HDDs. The company mainly produces drives for PCs but at the same time, they also produce devices that are used in servers, home entertainment products such as video game consoles and set-top boxes along with cloud computing data centers.

The company mainly gain its sells through distributors and retailers. More than half of the sales of the company are generated from the Asia/Pacific region. In spite of having big competitors like Seagate, the company still manages to hold its position in the market.

An In-Depth Knowledge of The Western Digital Company

Since Western Digital is such a giant company let's have a little idea about its business and how it operates.

Operations: Western Digital has three main subsidiaries which include Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, WD Technologies, and 2015 acquisition SanDisk which has been combined into one reportable segment. Client devices such as smartphone, PCs, gaming consoles and security equipment all this accounts for more than half of the sales of the company while data centre devices account only 30% of its sales. The rest of the sales are generated through client solution devices which are basically external memory and include USB flash drives and wireless drives.

Geographic Reach: The largest market for Western Digital is Asia where more than half of its sales are generated, China accounting for 20% of its sales alone. The second largest market for the company is the US Company where 20% of the revenue of the company is generated. Since it's an international company, it has its manufacturing units located all over the world which includes the US, China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. With the help of all these manufacturing units located in different countries, it is thus able to operate its business on a worldwide basis.

Sales and Marketing: The Western Digital Company mainly acquires its sales through distributors and retailers and also through OEMs. Among the three the OEM is the largest customer segment with Hewlett and Packard being the largest buyer of storage devices for PCs and servers. After the OEM, distributors, and retailers account for its 20% and 14% of its sales respectively.

Strategy: For Western Digital buying the flash drive products of SanDisk proved to be a boon. This helped the company to boost up its profit in the year 2017 and now the company is looking forward to getting increased returns in the year ahead. SanDisk's flash storage devices helped Western Digital to shift from the traditional drives to the flash technology.

Mergers and Acquisitions: Western Digital has been using acquisitions for quite some time now in order to add new product lines and extend its geographic reach. In the year 2017 Western Digital made a deal with UpThere and Tegile Systems in order to expand its business into different sectors. UpThere is a developer of cloud storage devices while Tegile Systems is the producer of flash storage systems. Western Digital gained around 1700 new customers from this deal.

UpThere develops apps for storing and accessing data in the cloud and making it available for multiple operating systems and devices. With the help of Tegile Systems, Western Digital has been able to enter the enterprise data storage. The IntelliFlash products from Tegile offer quick access and thus, it matches up to Western's big data programs.

In the year 2015 SanDisk was brought by Western Digital at $19 billion in cash and stock. The company also acquired Amplidata in the same year in order to benefit its business.

The Products Manufactured By the Company

Western Digital is one of the largest manufacturers of storage devices in the world. It mainly deals in computer hard drives and other storage devices that are used in gaming consoles and set-top boxes. As already mentioned above the company has acquired other companies like SanDisk in order to expand its business and also to upgrade itself from traditional storage devices to flash technology which is much faster. Having said that now let's look into the different products that are manufactured by this company.

Hard Drives: The Company produces a variety of hard drives for its customers. The hard drives come in different colours. Each colour indicates the special characteristics of the drive. In order to give you a better idea, the different colours are listed below along with its characteristics.

Green: These coloured drives were mainly energy efficient drives. However, they were relatively slow in their performance and thus, have been discontinued to be produced by the company.
Blue: This coloured drives are known to be average in their performance.
Red: Red drives are mainly produced for NAS use.
Purple: This coloured drive is produced mainly for surveillance data storage purpose.
Gold: Gold drives are made for data center use.

Software: The different types of software offered by the company along with its hard drive is listed below.

Data Lifeguard Tools: This is basically a software utility suite that is needed for the basic set-up of hard disks. This particular software is developed under contract by Kroll Ontrack Inc. This software is equipped to run on Windows and DOS operating systems. The software is free to download and use but the only problem with it is that it doesn't support the new WD drives. The main features of the software are as follows:

It comes with built-on-demand installation manuals for many of the WD hard drives.
It can partition and format hard disks.
It can copy files between disk partitions.
The size, number type of the partition is displayed.
It displays basic technical disk information such as S.M.A.R.T Support, firmware revision, ATA # Supported, PIO Mode Support, R/W Multiple, IORDY Support, PIO Cycle Time and Sectors/Block.

Software developed by the company is the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics which is basically a software utility that is used for determining the physical condition of the WD hard drive. However, this particular software is built only for the older models of the WD hard drives. The main features of the software are as follows:

It is quick and has been tested.
It is capable of writing zero to drive.
It can view and print test results.
You can enter and print RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) information.

The company is also known to ship WD smart ware with many of its hard drives which are used to backup drives. The only exception to this is the company's Touro Mobile hard drives which belong to the HDD brand from its HGST division. Also, this software is not equipped to detect any of the HGST produced hard drives. This software is mainly designed to regularly back up all pictures, documents, emails, movies and everything that is there on the drive. It also continually checks for changes to drive locations. The software is designed to detect hard drives of particular brands and also to distinguish WD hard drives from other hard drives.

Parallel ATA Hard Disk Drives: Western Digital was the last company to manufacture parallel ATA hard disk drives for desktops and laptops.

Consumer Products: The Company is also known to produce a number of consumer products under the brand name WD. The name of the product families is My Book, My Passport, and My Cloud. The company also entered the market of set-top boxes in order to compete with other giant companies such as Apple TV, Google TV, and Roku.

The list doesn't end here because the company is also known to manufacture networking products such as the wireless router which includes My Net 600, My Net 900 Central, My Net 900 and My Net 750. It also manufactures other networking products which include MY Net AC Bridge, My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender, and My Net Switch.

The Different Category of Products Manufactured By the Company

The Western Digital company is known to produce a wide range of storage devices which include the following categories:

Portable Storage: The Company manufactures portable storage devices for its consumers so that you can store your important data and carry it along with you wherever you go. This way you never have to be away from your important data anymore. Name of some of the devices that fall under this category are:

My Passport SSD
My Passport Ultra
My Passport
My Passport for Mac
My Passport for Wireless SSD
My Passport Wireless Pro

These are only a few of the names otherwise there are many more.

Personal Cloud Storage: Another storage device that is manufactured by this company is the personal cloud storage systems. Name of some of the products are:

My Cloud
My Cloud Home
My Cloud Mirror

External Storage: The Company also produces external storage devices for computers and other devices which include My Book Duo, My Book Pro, WD Elements Desktop and others.

Internal Hard Drive Storage: The Company also manufactures internal hard drive storage for computers which include WD Black Performance Mobile Hard Drive, Wd Blue PC Desktop Hard Drive etc.

Internal SSD Storage: Wd Black NVMe SSD, WD Black PCle SSD, WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD are some of the internal SSD storage devices that are produced by the company.

Network Attached Storage: The Company is not left behind even when it comes to network attached storage devices. My Cloud Pro Series PR2100, My Cloud Pro Series PR4100 are some of the quality products that are produced by the company.

Internal Hard Drives for Business: From the name itself, you can very well make out that these products are mainly used for business purposes. Name of some of the devices that are manufactured by this company includes WD Gold Enterprise-Class Hard Drive, WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive etc.

Surveillance Storage: Lastly, the company also produces surveillance storage devices which include WD Purple microSD, WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive, WD Gold Enterprise-Class Hard Drive etc.

It will not be wrong to conclude that the company has the constant urge of expanding its business into different segments of the industry and thus, it produces a wide variety of products that cater to different needs.

Some of the Facts about the Company

After going through about the Western Digital in details, now let's check out some of the essential facts about Western Digital.

Fundamental Analysis: The Company Western Digital is presently known to trade with a market capitalization of $25.38 Billion. This value indicates that the revenue of the company has been increasing by 9.17% on a quarterly year basis.
Technical Analysis: The Company is known to record a 52-week high of $95.77 presently; the company is trading 10.1% below that level. The stock is trading $83.57.

Thus, it is clear from the above discussion that the company Western Digital is a well known and a leading manufacturer of computer storage devices which also produces another kind of storage devices which are used for various purposes. The company is not a new one but it still holds a strong position in the market in spite of facing strong competition from its competitors.

Last updated on May 09, 2018