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About Vayama

Plan the best trip with Vayama travel agency

Planning a trip is not so easy, isn't it? Yes, it does, because you have to do lots of preparation for going on a trip. You have to search flights, see your budget, get tickets, find the hotel, prepare a list of the things you needed to take with you etc. finding the best travel agency to book the flight, hotels, etc. can be a hectic process because there are number of travel agencies available at present. The reason why you get confused and frustrated is that you have to go through lots of websites to find the suitable travel packages. What if you get everything at one site- the tips, cheap flight, car rents, hotel rooms, etc? This will be really great, isn't it?

It is an online travel agency which is specialized in selling the cheap international flights. They provide their customers with the ample sets of airline fares as well as flight. Thus, you can visit popular destination and have a good trip, vacations, etc in any corner of the world. Vayama provides you better flight options, best hotel deals, etc. you can easily compare the different flights, hotels, car rents, etc and book the tickets and hotels according to your choice and budget.

You can compare about 8k+ airlines and reach to 9k different locations of the world through Vayama. The deals you get here are the best deals. You can book the tickets, hotels; etc from any corner of the world and you can use any device to book the tickets. Now you can have a wonderful trip with you family to various destinations like Europe, Asia, etc. let us have a look at the services Vayama offers-

Great and cheap deals- the most trending deals for your winter, summer trips are available here at the cheapest rates. You can take a flight to Venice and have a romantic weekend there or go to Oslo to experience the real winter. Flight to every destination is available and you can compare one flight with another, compare the price, time duration and choose accordingly.

Easy and fast booking- these services are not offered by any other travel agencies, their process of booking is complex which makes customer frustrated and angry! Booking of the flight on Vayama does not require any complex process. It is a fast and easy process, thus, you will be able to make a quick booking. All you need to do is search the destination you wish to go, check the fight deals available then book the tickets.

24/7 service- this service allows customers to book the flights, hotels, car rents, etc at any time. You can make the transaction to book the tickets anytime. Your queries and question are also answered instantly if any! You can take benefit of their services 24/ 7.

These are some of the services you here! There are lots more services one can enjoy here like searching the international road trips, beach vacations, domestic flights, city breaks, etc. you can know about the trending countries like the India, Thailand, Canada, pain, etc and see the flights available to travel. In addition, you can also find easily about popular cities to visit and flights available for them.

How to search the cheap flights?

Cheapest flight deals are available anytime but mostly Tuesday is best for booking cheap flights. The tickets must be booked 4-5 months before, however, you can get last minute cheap deals too.  To book a flight you need to go the official website of Vayama and option for flight, hotel, and a car will be displayed on the website. Click on flight option to book a flight then follow the given steps-

You will be asked to choose round trips, one way, or multiple cities
Choose one of the options then choose the city or airport from where you are going to travel
Enter the name of airport or destination
Enter date of departure as well as the return of your trip
Mention the number of members going on trips
Enter class of coach, mention you want to travel in first class, or business class
Click on search option and they will provide you the deals

The most appropriate travel package must be selected by you and then for making a payment you need to enter passenger details and make payment through smartcards, PayPal, etc. you can see the excepted mode of payment on its website. Use the suitable mode of payment and book the flight.

in addition to finding location and the flight, you can get full description about the things you can do, places you can visit, the shops you can go for shopping, restaurant to visit in a place, etc. all the things will be shown up on the map! So, did you see how you can plan a successful trip on Vayama? You need not to waste time referring different websites for finding restaurants, hotels, etc. everything is available at Vayama. Also, you can tell them your meal preferences and this will be passed on airlines. After booking, you can also add the information about extra luggage in my trip option.

How to cancel a booking?

The process of canceling the flight or booking on Vayama is also easy. In case you want to cancel the booking because of valid reason then you can send the cancellation request on their website. The process for cancellation of the booking is given below-

Sign in on the 'my trip' using your email and booking number
Go to the header and click on cancel or change
Choose cancel ticket option and follow the further step

When you cancel the booking it will involve some costs (airline charge as well as an administration fee of the Vayama) you can get a refund but it depends on the ticket condition of an airline! So, read the conditions on the website under view ticket condition and then book a ticket.

How to book a hotel?

To book a hotel first you need to make searches. You need to find which hotels are available in the place and what are the costs, how many miles away it is from the city, airport, etc. you can also check the facilities available in the hotel like the breakfast, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, laundry service, etc the one you think fits your budget and needs you can book it.

Booking flight with multiple destinations-

So, you want to go Barcelona too after the trip to Madrid!  Usually, you do another booking for another trip. How about getting different flights in one booking? This is another best service of the Vayama which allows the customer to book flights for multiple destinations at the same time.  You can combine the several flights in just one booking. This will save your time, so, if a customer wants to do this he/she needs to go on multiple destination options.

Here are some tips to follow before you go on a trip-

Customers can take help of the Vayama preparation tips before you head to the airport. Ask these questions to yourself before the trip-

Where are you going?
Do you have the passport?
You have a visa or not!
Do you require travel insurance?

These questions are must ask yourself as if you don't have visa or travel insurance then you may face problem during travel. Sometimes even health issues arise during the trips! You can also get exposure to the diseases, so precaution is necessary. Also, some countries require immunization before the entry. Traveling with the first aid and the medicines are necessary. Vayama provides health insurance to the customer, you can send a quote if you want health insurance.

If you are in need of job then this is also available on Vayama. You can also work with Vayama. They offer job opportunities, you can get the job as E travel profession, air team specialist, etc. but for this, you need to check their website.

Benefits provided by Vayama-

Top quality services- the services provided by this travel agency is of top quality. There are no complaints from the customer because they enjoy the services offered by Vayama. top and trending flights information are gathered for the customers. You are given deals which are of good quality at lesser or cheaper rates.

Satisfaction- top moot of this travel agency is to provide satisfaction. If the customers are not satisfied they don't use the website or agency again! Thus, this agency works to improve its services, providing customers what all they need for a successful trip. Customers don't feel unsatisfied once they start using their services.

Manages budget- Vayama travel agency knows what their customer requires. They provide the deals which are under your travel budget. Thus, you don't need think much if you want to go out with family or friends. They provide you with flights which are cheap; you can save money, get discount coupons. You can use the discount coupon to get discount.

Plans your trip- Vayama helps its customers to plan a trip which is another benefit provided by his travel agency. you can easily book tickets, find tips on what to do, tips on places you must visit, you get to book a hotel room, you can find restaurants, you can rent a car, all this planning can be done on Vayama!

Thus, all these benefits make your trip the successful ones. You can go to Mexico, Panama, Argentina, and many more countries. If you compare Vayama service to any other travel agency you will see that-

Other travel agencies do not provide a large number of travel options
Other travel agencies do not provide cheap flights but Vayama does
Other travel agencies do not provide flight under budget, however, Vayama does
Other travel agencies do not guarantee quality services but Vayama provide only top quality services
Other travel agencies may fail to satisfy you but Vayama will surely satisfy you
Other travel agencies do not provide fast booking option but Vayama does
Other travel agencies may not accept all payment options but Vayama does

These points clarify why people prefer Vayama over any other travel agency. This travel agency is trusted by all, have the experienced team members, quality services due to which everyone loves it. Most of the people have already taken benefits provided by this travel agency and also have shared their experience using their services. You can also experience benefits of their services, so plan a trip with Vayama this vacations.

Final thoughts-

So, are you ready to go on a trip with your family, friends, etc? Don't, worry Vayama is available for your help at every step from booking tickets to planning trip and activities you can do on a trip. If you have not yet planned the trip but want to remain updated about the best flight deals, hotel deals, then you can join Vayama on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram. You will never miss the best deals if you follow them on various platforms.

Vayama will never disappoint you it is a guarantee! You can also read their terms, privacy, or reviews to know more about this travel agency. Reviews and rating will play a great role in determining the quality services. If you have doubt or confusion then you can see its reviews and rating.  Also, in case you need a help then send them an email or directly contact. Their mobile number and address is given on their website.

we have already described the services, benefits, the procedure of booking flights, but for more information and for booking the flight you need to go to the website of Vayama and there you will be able to explore well about this travel agency. So, don't waste time, and money on other websites searching out flights! Use Vayama, they will provide you with better options and also it will save your time as well as money!

Last updated on March 06, 2019