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About Sierra Trading Post

What are the things you should know about Sierra Trading Post?

Sierra trading post is a retail subsidiary that has its headquarters at Wyoming. The company was started in the year 1986 but the online operations began in the year 1998. It was actually a great deal those times to find some of the biggest brands in the world being sold at dirt cheap prices online. The online presence helped to garner audience from all over the world and this gave the required momentum to the business. The company is owned and operated by the TJX Companies that owns similar other companies all over the world. The Sierra Trading post has more than 3000 top notch brands for sale both in its online platform as well as at their retail stores. The company has bagged several accolades in the past few years due to its unparalleled service. It is one of the best internet retail companies in the world.

Why online and retail?

The retail stores of Sierra Trading Post are located at strategic places so that those who are travelling can make use of these stores to get things at cheap prices. The online presence is provided so that people can book their needs from their own places. The online presence makes sure that the things are delivered on time. They have great logistics team who are dedicated in providing proper delivery to the people. The online presence is provided at one single site so there are no ambiguities involved while making purchases and payments. Also, the single window site provides the required safety to both the company as well as the user.

The brands which one could otherwise not buy are sold here at more than half of the prices. This sort of discounts one could not find elsewhere. There are some unauthorized shops that sell branded goods at cheap prices, but you cannot stake claim over them. The best part about these stores is that you an stake claim if anything happens to the product. Moreover, the company has been into business for more than three decades and they would never want to lose their name by selling the bad quality products. Though they acquire the goods that are never unsold or over produced, they never compromise on quality. All the goods that are acquired goes through a severe quality check before they actually let out for sale in their shops. This has helped the company to sustain the market in spite of the mushrooming of many similar companies all over the world.

What is the exact work procedure of Sierra Trading Post?

The catalog merchandise is something which helped the foreign products to enter into the markets of USA. The catalog merchandising is a bit more different from that of retail stores. The retail outlets are where the products are displayed in its physical form that people can buy. The catalog merchandising is a method by which the user will get the desired product when an order is made. This catalog merchandising is what that gave rise to today's e-commerce outlets. These catalog merchants could get these products for their customers through their trading posts. This company was started well before the internet storm could take over the business zones.

The journey began in the year 1986. It started with a small warehouse and a hand drawn catalog. The aim was to make even the costliest brands very much affordable. After receiving good response for the mail orders, the company started their own website. In fact, Sierra Trading Post became the first ever catalog company to start selling online.
The other main service of the company is off price retailing. The off-price retailing is to sell the high quality goods at lower prices.

Since it is more convincing and appealing, they attract a lot of customers. The excellent customer service is yet another reason why the customers prefer Sierra over others. Since USA is a global market, there are products from various parts of the world pouring in. Due to the global diaspora, people do not think more than twice before they buy a product from a foreign nation. But the only problem they face is the prices. So, the exported products that are acquired by the wholesalers are sold to the retailers. These retailers clear their unsold stock to these off-price retailers. These off-price retailers are on the third stage of the product receival. Since they are on the third stage, they can readily provide these products at such less prices.

Sierra Trading Corporation operates under the banner of TJX Companies. The off-price retailers are here to stay. There are a lot other companies but they cannot match up to the price sold by these companies.

How the off-price retailers are helping the big businesses and the economy?

The off-price retailers like Sierra Trading Post provide a much-needed boost to the economy during periods of recession and other global issues.

The wholesalers who face problems like overrun, mispredictions of inventory forecast, cancelled orders go to off price retailers to keep the flow going. They are not worried about the profit factor as they want to get their stocks cleared. An uncleared stock is poses more trouble than unsold stock. But, it won't result in major loss also as the entire stock would be sold thus creating neither loss nor profit.

The people also would not have the inferiority of not being able to get the products of their favorite brands. In a way, these off-price retail companies provide a great means of advertisements in the form of making people buy products from them at low prices. The middle and the lower-middle-class communities constitute a majority of the world population. If they use the company's product, they would do the marketing method of word of mouth. This would actually entice people to save up and buy the higher end brand products. If there is a sudden surge in the production, then these off-price retail companies do the needful.

The companies themselves cannot come to the marketplace and sell products at discounted prices as they could lose their reputation. Moreover, they need to maintain their product quality and cannot sell the products that are a bit deteriorated and of second stage quality. So, instead of disposing the second quality products, the companies provide these products to the off-price retailers like Sierra Trading post and they with their exceptional sales strategies clear off the stocks. These off-price retailers are a boon to both the wholesalers and the buyers.

The economies are benefiting from these off-price retailers. The people can get their needs at cheaper prices during their times of inflation. The off-price retail companies like Sierra Trading posts are much responsible not to sell their products at cheap prices during times of high demand. They know the pulse of the customer much better and they have a perfect strategy.
Some important details you need to know about Sierra Trading Posts

These are some of the important details you need to know about Sierra Trading Posts

Great Customer Service

This is one of the general statements people make about Sierra Trading posts that they have great customer service. Any retail services hire candidates not based on their degrees but based on the experience in dealing with people from all over the world. These retail stores have their sales team who has dealt with people from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Since Sierra Trading posts are not just an online store but also a mortar brick-based store, you have people coming in and going out in regular intervals. So, there need to be great sales team and customer service executives who treat people with a smile and do not show the impolite attitude towards them. The main reason why a customer prefers Sierra Trading over the other stores is that of their excellent service team.

Prompt delivery

If you had ordered for an item that is currently not in stock but is shown in the catalog of their company, then you are sure to get it. The team of Sierra Trading makes sure to provide prompt delivery services as they have their outlets spread all over the world. If not under the banner of Sierra Trading, you could also obtain from their sister trading organizations. These organizations are present in all the continents. Even when you are travelling, these companies never fail to make their deliveries.

Providing coupons

The coupons are provided by some of the hotels and other places where people frequently visit. These coupons can be used to get some great deal of discounts from the store. Since these off-price retail stores have a connection with major companies due to their style of working, those companies don’t think more than twice before they provide them with coupons to avail discounts.

Amazing range of products

It is not that Sierra trading post just focuses only on the soft goods and apparels, they keep taking constant efforts to provide some all of the basic needs of a family except for perishable goods like eatables. They provide branded clothes, accessories, home décor, travel needs, pet needs etc., Some of these items that could cause a hole in the pocket when purchased from e-commerce sites or from the showrooms of the brand itself can be availed at the cheapest prices possible here.

Lots of retail outlets

If you are in a hurry, then you can't expect your product to get delivered on the same day when booked online. So, there are retail outlets that are located in nearby locations where you can get the desired products.
What is the list of products sold in the Sierra Trading Post?
These are the list of products that are sold in the Sierra Trading post site. There are links to the other sites provided in the website of the Sierra Trading Post. You can also shop easily from the site. The fashion industry and the soft goods companies are the ones that mostly depend on the off-price retail companies for their stock clearance.

Hiking Clothing
Athletic Shoes
Footwear Accessories

Are some of the major products that are sold for both men and women? There are a lot of good brands that are sold under these sections. One would be surprised at the cheap prices at which their favorite brands are sold. That too during offer season one can find some of the costliest items also in prices that can be easily afforded by the common man.

Apart from apparel, Sierra trading post also sells great items that are needed for your travel. The tents which they sell is the best suited for camping. They also sell items for your pet.

So, it is the place where the otherwise costly items get sold for cheap prices.

Where are the stores located?

The store that was started in Nevada now has about 30 retail outlets. The number of outlets in each place is given below.

4 stores in Colorado
1 in Connecticut
1 in Idaho
3 in Illinois
2 in Massachusetts
3 in Michigan
2 in Minnesota
1 in Nebraska
2 in New Jersey
1 in Nevada
2 in New York
1 in Ohio
3 in Oregon
1 in Utah
1 in Vermont
2 in Washington
1 in Wisconsin and
2 in Wyoming

Thus, one can see that the stores are located in important locations all throughout USA.

TJX Companies also have other companies under their operations. The company felt a need that there needs to be a separate store to cater to the needs of USA due to the burgeoning global population. So, Sierra Trading Posts has succeeded in lending a helping hand to those who are new to the land of opportunities. The students, migrants and the locals alike use these stores to get their needs. After reading this article, you can get to know of the reasons why Sierra Trading posts will keep growing in size and will never be in short of supply.

Last updated on May 18, 2018