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About Overton's

Are you searching for the best Overton's promo code, coupon or promotions? Here is a right place wherein you can discover the BIGGEST discount for the product you've always wanted to buy at Overtons.com.

Overton's is a company that is situated in Greenvile, North Carolina that supplies all the necessities for a perfect water sport weekend. There are very few people left who don't like beaches. Spending the weekends at the beaches is something that people would love to. Overton's provides all the equipment that makes people frequent their beach visits.

The marine sports are one of the most exciting sporting adventures. Overton's gets supplies from all over the places of United States of America and sells it over online platforms and in the stores across the prominent cities of the country. Started in the year 1976, the company is planning to open few more retail outlets in the year 2018.

The company already sells over 50,000 wide range of marine sports equipment. Now, in the year 2018 with its grand opening at over 50 new places, the products that are being sold are only getting multiplied. There are already retail outlets in places like Greenville, Raleigh. The main aim of the company is to serve one's need of water sporting equipment.

The company mainly looks on to the 100% commitment of the customer satisfaction. The company has survived all these years amidst heavy competition and that isn't an easy joke unless the products delivered are of a high standard. This speaks of the quality of the organization. Overton's also keeps the best price, users can use Overton's promo code or coupons to save much money.

Reasons Why You Should Prefer Overton's

The following are some of the reasons why a beach lover and a water sport adventure lover should prefer Overton's products over other ones.

  • Quality Products:

The retail outlets of Overton's not just sell their own brands but also sell the products of the other famous brands. The Overton's sells products of high brand value and has maintained the same quality of service over the years.

This is the USP of any big retailer. Not just selling their own brands but also letting the sellers of other brands to sell things over their marketplace. This creates an impression that the retailers aren't forcing their own brands to be sold alone.

The selling of other brands also is an impression that the sellers aren't afraid of the remaining of their own stocks. Thus, the products end up getting sold really quickly and they also maintain cordial relations with the sellers of other brands. Overton's has maintained this style of selling over the years that has created a niche for itself in its field.

This style of service will boost the company's sales targets. Frequent discount sales are put on the website during festive season that further enhances the market value of the company. The announcement of the sales will only clear the stocks that will serve as year-end stock clearance.

  • Customer Service and Logistics

The customer service is one of the most important goal of the company. The company longs to serve its customers rightly promptly. There is 24*7 customer service; the customers can ring to the customer lifeline number and clarify the doubt s regarding the delivery, any issues with the product, the usage of the equipment, any damage of the equipment and such.

The excellent logistics that is provided by the company is another biggest plus, of Overton's. The Overton's maintains a fleet of trucks that is dedicated to the service of its customers; be it delivery, service, service calls for the guarantee and other related issues.

Overton's keeps its customers informed of the current scenario and the situation that is prevailing the market at present. The frequent greetings sent to customers via SMS, Postal are some of the means that shows how Overton's is concerned about the well-being of the customer.

  • Accessibility:

Overton's retail outlet details are specified clearly in their website. The Overton's retail wing is a large complex that is situated in the hub of North Carolina. The strategic location of the retail outlets makes it an easy access to the nearby beaches where the people could have their day.

The retail outlets are the places where one could shop their exact needs and head out to their places of interest. This aspect was kept in mind while fixing the location of the Overton's retail outlet and that has made them a strong business people.

The website of the Overton's provides the details of the exact location as well as the open and close hours of the company. The Overton's also provides the list of holidays and other important details in the website.

Overton's has a large fan following in its social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Posts are made constantly on the FB page and in their Twitter Handle. These posts are made on the FB page keeps the customers informed of the happenings in the company. The customers can also contact the company via their social media handles.

  • Wide Range of Products

Over 50,000 marine equipment are used that are the best in the market is the biggest factor of all.

Times to look out for discount sales in the Overton's retail outlets in USA:

Overton's, like any other retail outlets slashes out great deals of discount in the holiday seasons like that of stated below. Customers can choose their preferred Overton's promo code, coupon code, or deals to have a cost-effective price.

  • Black Friday

For the sellers, the stocks that were not sold all these years would be sold during this season by slashing high discount rates.

For the buyers, they would have saved money at the end of the year plus Christmas being the grandest festival attracts people to buy purchases for their homes/ for personal use.

  • Thanksgiving weekend, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year Eve:

The Black Friday was celebrated on the 24th of November, 2017. The thanksgiving eve is prepared on a Wednesday and that prepares one to get things ready for the Thanksgiving Day on the day before the Black Friday, the days following the black Friday are made as a four-day long weekend.

The Monday after the Sunday is termed as Cyber Monday in the recent years. The Cyber Monday is when someone wishes to shop and they have missed out on the weekend owing to reasons like they were on a trip.

The e-commerce sites are used for shopping in the Cyber Mondays. The Tuesday after the Cyber Monday is celebrated as the philanthropic Tuesday. The Tuesdays are used for exchanging gifts and involving in philanthropic activities.

The Christmas Eve is not just for the Santas surprise. People too surprise each other by sending gifts to each other. Overton's slashes huge discounts in the eve of Christmas accompanied with that of New Year.

People would love to throng the beaches during the New Year Eve and the weekend that precedes the New Year. Thus, Overton's knows the mindset of people and sells its equipment at much lesser rates when compared to its counterparts.

  • Other Special days

There are also other national holidays in the national Calendar of the United States of America. There are discounts happening even during those days. The website of Overton's has to be visited often in order to know the dates of the special days when the event occurs. People can pay attentions to getting the latest Overton's promo codes, coupons, and promotions.

Thus, both Overton's as well as the customers are benefitted from the discount times of the special days. The Promo Codes can be made use of in order to purchase equipment at much lesser rates.

Products sold by Overton's

There are an umpteen of Products that are sold by Overton's. The Specialty is that it covers all the areas of the products that are related to Marine Sports.

Under the section of Towable Tubes, the following variations are sold

  • Single Pax Towable Tubes
  • Two Pax Towable Tubes
  • Three Pax Towable Tubes
  • Four and more persons Towable Tubes
  • Ropes for the Towable Tubes
  • Pumps for Towable Tube
  • Valves for Towable Tubes
  • Towable Accessories
  • Water Trampolines
  • Water Toys
  • Water Bouncers
  • Floating Mats

Under the category of Lake Leisure and Pool Leisure, the following products are sold

  • Floats for Party Islands
  • Floats and Lounges
  • Kid's Toys
  • Floats
  • Accessories for Pools
  • Lights and Fountains for Pools
  • Paddle Boards in Stand-up form
  • Waterskis products
  • Trainer Waterskis
  • Combo Waterskis
  • Slalom Waterskis
  • Junior Waterski
  • Wake and Trick Skis
  • Waterski Bindings
  • Waterski Bags
  • Waterski Cases
  • Waterskiing Accessories
  • Waterski Ropes
  • Waterski Handles
  • Waterski Gloves
  • Boat Mirrors
  • Waterski DVDs
  • Ski Pylons
  • Tow Hooks
  • Slalom Course
  • Down Flags for skiers
  • Life Jackets for men
  • Life Jackets for Women
  • Life Jackets for Teen (90-120 lbs.)
  • Life Jackets for Youth (50-90 lbs.)
  • Life Jackets for Children (30-50 lbs.)
  • Life Jackets for infants (<30 lbs)
  • Life Jackets that are inflatable
  • Life Jackets for pets
  • Wakeboards for men
  • Wakeboards for women
  • Wakeboards for kids
  • Wakeboards for juniors
  • Wakeboards for Cable Park
  • Wakefoils
  • Hydrofoils
  • Wakeboard Bindings
  • Wakeboarding and its Accessories
  • Wakeboard Vests
  • Rash Guards
  • Wakeboard Handles
  • Wakeboard Line
  • Wakeboard Bags
  • Wakeboard Cases
  • Wakeboard Towers
  • Ballast Bags
  • Ballast Pumps
  • Wake Helmets
  • Wakekites
  • Wakeboarding Gear
  • Wakeskates
  • Wakesurfers
  • Kneeboards
  • Boards for multi-purpose
  • Men's Wetsuits
  • Women's Wetsuits
  • Junior Wetsuits
  • Neoprene Shorts
  • Neoprene Tops
  • Drysuits
  • Barefoot Suits
  • Barefoot Shorts
  • Barefoot Waterski and its Gear
  • Barefoot Booms
  • Barefoot Handles
  • Barefoot Lines
  • Waterski Gloves
  • Men's Clothing
  • Women's Clothing
  • Men's Shoes
  • Women's Shoes
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Dive Gear
  • Snorkels for Gear
  • Boats
  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Watersports Package and its Deals
  • Kneeboard Packages
  • Paddleboard Packages
  • Towable Packages
  • Wakeboard Packages
  • Wakesurfer Packages
  • Water Toy and its Packages
  • Waterski Packages

Thus, one can see that the Overton's has a wide range of products that are needed to enjoy the various water sports.

Corporate Relations of Overton's

A company's value can be known from the sort of relations it maintains with the various corporates. The Overton's providing the various equipment that are needed for the skiing purpose intends to extend its service to the boat jetty level by having several ties with the companies that provide skiing roles. The Overton's is thus known for its excellent service that it renders to the customers.

Few are some of the companies with which Overton's has corporate relations:

  • Progressive Boater’s Insurance
  • Jet Dock Drive-On Docks
  • USA Water Ski

Why Water Sports is good for you?

Apart from fun and frolic, there are so many health benefits that water sports have to offer:

  • Anti-Depressant:

The Water Sports have proven to act as a great anti-depressant for those who are suffering from mental problems like irritation, anxiety, depression etc. The Anti-depressants thus, proves as a great source of mental relief providers. The surface of water is known to relax the human mind

  • Heart Problems:

The people who have heart problems can get relaxed if they are on the waters for a while. The heart related diseases patients can go on a water-spree once in a while and calm themselves

The water Sports is also known to increase the bone density of humans.

Types of Water Sports that can be enjoyed by the equipment that are sold by Overton's:

The following are some of the water sports for which the products needed are provided as a whole package by Overton's

  • Deep sea Fishing

The anglers can have a great time by going for fishing. The fishing seems to be a great relaxer for those who love peace and tranquility. Overton's provides some of the top-notch mechanical fishing needles and the entire set that is needed for fishing

  • Water Skiing, Wind Skiing

The skiing requires good skates, skates attached with windboards for the skating experiences. The skating is one of the unparalleled experiences that one could enjoy with the waters. The skiing equipment that is provided by Overton's is the best in the market.

  • Kayaking, Rafting

To raft, one needs a great life jacket with great boats with rowers. Overton's has the best quality of boats, jackets and rowers.

  • Under water Submarine, Under Water Sea Watch, Dolphin Watching, Whale Watching

These are some of the sport adventures that would require one to possess quality gas cylinders, breathers, suits etc. These are concerning with life and it has to be of really good quality or else it risks human lives. Overton's with these many years of service has only made sure that the lives of the customers are their first priority.

These factors are more than enough to prove that the sporting adventures would be of an out-of-the world feeling when one chooses to shop from Overton's. Don't miss out on the best choices of Overton's promo code and coupons.

Last updated on June 06, 2018