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About KnownHost

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What is KnownHost?

There are a number of hosting companies all over the world that help their clients to design their own websites. Because designing a website and managing it is not an easy task, these hosting companies organize your business online, also the online data, files, multimedia and information.

This way, the hosting companies help you to get aware with the related works and thus you can overcome any possible challenges or problems that you will face in the process.

And KnownHost is one such VPS hosting professional company. It is well built and has a great functionality with the entire list of features and characteristics. Today, it is one of the most suggested VPS hosting for business websites.

What You Have to Know About VPS?

When all we want is to build our own website, it is unnecessary for us to have an entire server. Moreover, handling the server is a very hectic and time consuming task. Instead, we would just need a host server that can provide us the memory and fulfill our specifications to successfully launch our website online.

What are the various benefits of having a VPS from the dedicated physical server over maintaining a server?

Cost Efficiency-The cost of establishing the huge networks with the client machines is reduced when we actually use the VPS from a host server. We are spared from the burden of spending huge amounts of money, because a VPS hardly needs a fractional part of what a server needs for its establishment

Scalability-With changes in the technology and advancement in the computer science, there is a constant need for the upgrading. To update a server, a large amount of data needs to be migrated, which is a very hectic and difficult task. Rather, updating the VPS does not involve any data migration. Thus, this saves effort and time.

Performance-VPS, being scalable, has an efficient performance when compared to the server.

Management is easy-A VPS can easily be managed with the control panel, on the internet.

Operating System-Every VPS has its very own copy of the operating system, and the users can have a different level of access to it which is specialized than the usual.

They are easy to create and configure.

How KnownHost Started?

KnownHost is a private company for web hosting services. Owned by Justin Sauers, the CEO, the company has a boastful 15 years of experience in the software industry. It is a host provider and mostly concentrates on managed and dedicated managed services of VPS hosting.

Uptime and Downtime of the KnownHost server provider:

KnownHost guarantees an uptime of around 99.995%, but approximately about half an hour of downtime is seen every year. The Hyper Spin website has the link to the uptime statistics of the company and also the ratings from the 16 servers from all around the globe.

KnownHost support to its clients:

The company provides a greatly meticulous knowledge-based and also a library which consists of a number of manuals and useful software. The team of Knownhost is available for any sorts of queries or help through email or with the website’s ticketing system, all the day for 24 hours, which makes it very interactive and communicative. The drawback is the unavailability of the live chat support.

So long, the company has not been seen in any negative media or has it been known to fall a prey to any major hacking. The KnownHost Reviews have been so far so good and the clients are quite satisfied with the KnownHost services./

Why KnownHost Has Been Getting A Thumbs Up All Through?

The KnownHost VPS provider is one of the many well-known private servers across the globe. But, there are a few reasons why KnownHost Reviews have always been very positive about it. And few of them are:

KnownHost makes sure that the websites stay up and are stable all the time. Also, the webpage loads quickly and the KnownHost has a very appreciable uptime. Though there is a downtime, it is quite common with most VPS hosting services.

If at all the customer has any complaint or an issue arises, all they need to do is to shoot an email. Almost immediately, they get a response that helps them the best way to resolve their trouble. The KnownHost is incredibly quick and a knowledgeable team.

They give a fantastic support with a download library that contains many manuals, software and tools. Hence, they help you backup and upgrade the resources, so that the page loads quicker and that is very important.

It is a very excellent value for our money. It is very efficient and reasonable for the features it provides.

Few of the top-most companies for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and others, praise the company as the best VPS service provider till date. These companies recommend their clients to use the KnownHost.

KnownHost was established in 2005, and owns four datacenters, out of which 3 are American. It provides a huge range of solutions for managed hosting. Also unlike most companies, KnownHost doesn’t provide shared hosting.

KnownHost's Hosting Features:

Be it for VPS hosting or the dedicated server hosting, KnownHost packages have the features listed below:

Limitless domain hosting

VPS hosting packages that are powered with SSD

DDoS protection and full image backup for no cost at all

Root access

Has the operating system CentOS

24/7 help and support that is fully managed

Choice of selecting any of the datacenters

Resource and software upgradation facility

Migration service for free

Single click installers

Provision to brand your VPS package

Uptime SLA at 9%

CPU is equally shared

Two IP addresses that are specifically dedicated

Private name servers

Guaranteed money return in 30-days

Each datacenter of KnownHost is equipped with advanced networking devices, hardware, servers, and high quality utility, and emergency systems for them to function optimally.

The overview of the characteristics of KnownHost :

The best uptime in the industry

Free backup and migration

Instant provisioning

Multiple channel customer support

What Reviews Say About KnownHost?

After ten years of its arrival into the industry, KnownHost has still been one of the most used and the most loved VPS hosting companies. KnownHost Reviews greatly acclaim the team for their services and the features of the company.

Few advantages that the KnownHost Reviews mention:

Great uptime SLA

Affordably priced and managed VPS and VPS packages are SSD powered

Money-back guarantee in thirty days

Useful freebies

WordPress optimized plans

Completely managed hosting and SSD

Works on PHP, Linux, MySQL

Has a wide list of features

Unlimited websites are allowed

Free firewall

LiteSpeed available

Few disadvantages as mentioned in the KnownHost Hosting Services:

There is no support for shared hosting

Fee needs to be paid to set-up dedicated servers

Extra charges for DirectAdmin or cPanel with VPS Service

Windows server is not there

Overwhelmed plans confuse few users

Has a limited bandwidth

KnownHost Reviews are mostly given by small business owners, who were greatly benefited by the company as it has a huge list of features to offer, which further makes business and communication easy and simple to manage. It has excellent atmosphere to create and running great websites on Drupal, WordPress, Magento, etc.

Price for KnownHost:

Usually, the pricing of KnownHost is around $25 per month. One can choose a form of paying the price, be it monthly or annually and the payments can thus be maintained according to the chosen plan. Interestingly enough, KnownHost team gifts the users who have been using KnownHost for a very long time, with a huge range of bonuses.

Also, as a product of hosting, the company avails you with the facility to switch to some other plan or to switch off the plan completely, within the first 30 years. This is known as Comprehensive Guarantee Service. Furthermore, KnownHost coupon code can help you get a lower price than ever could.

The World-Class Infrastructure of KnownHost:

There are two things that the KnownHost team is so proud about:

Its network infrastructure

Its dedicated and all the time available support

These are also the main reasons for the many positive KnownHost Reviews. All the datacenters of KnownHost are greatly reliable, having multiple connections with the biggest global network carriers. The connection speeds are really high at every datacenter and one can test it by finding the test IP address and also a test file can be downloaded from the website.

About the Service and Availability:

The KnownHost Reviews speak highly about the top-notch services that the company renders all the day. Typically, a user gets their response within 5 to 10 minutes of mailing their trouble or query or issue to the company. The dedicated and the most sincere services are provided, which attracts the user and satisfies them with the way they correspond to any mail.

Since KnownHost is a provider of managed hosting, immediate services are very necessary. The customer services and the team of technical development and maintenance stay at the most reachable distance with their customers. The only drawback is that they do not support live chat services.

Additionally, there are support portals and dedicated billing systems for the customers who are registered, also an active form, blog, wiki and other tools to communicate and grow one’s knowledge or actively discuss the troubleshoots in the process.

KnownHost's Managed Hosting Plans:

Unlike many web hosts, this host does not support shared hosting. Though shared hosting has its own advantages, there are troublesome issues on-site due to huge volumes of traffic, or with some sort of content that is data-heavy which needs high bandwidth for normalcy in its performance. This has been the main reason for the emergence of VPS and dedicated server, the specialized feature of KnownHost.

When we have a dedicated server, there is no sharing of memory and we are allocated our private space instead of getting a slice of the lot, which is quite expensive. Having a VPS is a much cheaper alternative. Thus, KnownHost Reviews mostly praise the varied functionality of it and mention their satisfaction with these features.

Reseller Program of KnownHost:

Reseller incentives are offered by KnownHost in the form of discounts when multiple servers are purchased.

10% discount for 3-10 VPS Servers

15% discount for 10-20 VPS Servers

20% discount for 20-30 VPS Servers

25% discount for 30+ VPS Servers

The discount can be applied to all the existing accounts held by you, and this saves you a lot of money.

Few Reasons for Hosting with KnownHost

There are lists of reasons why people mention in the KnownHost Reviews that hosting with this company is great:

The specialization in hosting sites with high traffic and high performance

Advanced and sophisticated network with good availability record

Offering expert suggestions and assistance and technical support from the team

There are also few troubles that the users mentioned in the KnownHost Reviews for hosting with the company:

Shared hosting solutions are not available at affordable price

Ancillary website features and services are not offered of webpage building, etc.

It is fully managed hosting and you do not have an option to manage your site by your own.

Finally, KnownHost Reviews are mostly flooded with the applause for the company's immediate responsiveness and the quality of service they provide their customers. The overall performance of KnownHost is remarkable.

They have an excellent feature set that is very up to date and effective in solving the problems that people usually face with other web hosting services. The uptime is also too good to be true, which is unmatchable. And the KnownHost coupon code is available for helping users get a very affordable price.

There is great value for the price with KnownHost and it's an excellent opportunity for securing the online information on the web. The storage facilities are also sound. One can say that KnownHost is one of its kinds in web hosting services and is the best option a newly starting business person can choose. KnownHost has also been updating and providing better services to its customers and resolving the previously raised troubles.

KnownHost is one of the most optimized hosting services that you should try if you want a secured web host that is efficient in managing the memory and the traffic, and an immediate response to your queries! What could be any better?

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Last updated on April 26, 2018