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Traveling is something that is loved by almost everyone. But when you travel, whether domestically or abroad, you will require a place to stay. This is where the need for hotels comes in. You can either book a hotel over the phone or through some third-party site. Speaking of a third party site, there are hundreds of online hotel booking sites available on the internet. Some are good, and some are fraud. So you have to be very careful when choosing an online site to book your hotel.

Hotels.Com: Your Solution to Travel Accommodation Problems

Hotels.Com is an online website that allows you to book hotels at a comparatively lower price. It is one of the best hotels booking site that you can get. It's a 100% genuine and convenient site. To know more about the site, you can go through this write-up as all the important details regarding the site are furnished here. Hotels.Com coupon code, deals and discounts can help you get the most cost-effective price.

Hotels.Com: An Overview

Hotels.Com is an online website which allows you to book hotels either online or through the phone. For the convenience of the people, the site has launched 85 websites in 34 different languages. The site offers you a list of more than 325,000 hotels in around 1900 different locations. The inventory of the site consists of hotels, condos, B&Bs and other types of commercial accommodation. This website was launched in the year 1991, and since then, it has served millions of happy customers throughout the world. There may be other similar sites like this available on the internet, but truth be told no other site is as good as Hotels.Com.

This particular site not only deals with hotels but also flight booking, rental car bookings and much more. The website also provides you with special offers and discounts on hotel deals and vacation packages throughout the entire year which is great for all the travelers. Also, the rates of the hotels listed on the site are comparatively lower than the other hotel booking sites. Until and unless you have used Hotels.Com, you wouldn't know how genuine and convenient the site is.

Special Features about Hotels.Com (Hotels.Com Coupon Code)

Some of the special features of Hotels.Com include the following:

In comparison to the other hotel booking sites, the prices of Hotels.Com are pretty much low. So by opting Hotels.Com, you can save up your money with the coupon code.

One of the best things about Hotels.Com is that you can use the search filters to narrow down your options. This way you can get what you are looking for. You can use the standard filters of the site to meet your needs. You can filter rooms by categories such as amenities, star rating, price, distance, and others. Filtering your searches with this feature allows you to be closer of what you came or wished for.

You can also know about the tourist attraction spots near your hotel so, that you can visit them during your stay. Destinations such as shopping malls, theme parks, and museums often come under the category of the landmark.

Thus, you can see that how these special features of Hotels.Com make it easier for you to plan and book your accommodation during your travel. This is perhaps the most convenient hotel booking website you can get online. People can use a coupon code or deal to get a very affordable price.

Important Details about Hotels.Com

If you are to use Hotels.Com, then there are certain important things that you should have in your knowledge. For your convenience, we have outlined all the important details below so, that you can easily go through it and have an idea about the Hotels.Com website. Here you go with the details:

Get Hotel Details: Hotels.Com will provide you with an endless list of hotels so, that you can choose the hotel according to your wish. You can browse through the list of hotels furnished on the website. Once you find an option that interests you, you can easily go through the profile of that particular hotel to know more about it in details.

For your convenience, the most important information about the hotels is always furnished on the top of the website so, that it easily grabs your attention. You can check out the images of the hotels, the hotel’s rating, the map of the city with the location of the hotel, marked, reviews of customers and other important things without even scrolling the page.

You can also find the number of rooms that are available on the hotel's profile page so, that you can easily book multiple rooms or just book a single room for yourself. To make it all the easier for you, the list of rooms are provided with a description so that you can get an idea of the facilities and everything that you are getting with the room.

About Reservation Process: With the help of Hotels.Com you can easily opt for paying for your reservation online or directly at the hotel. But paying online has a lot of advantages which you may not get if, you go for the offline payment option. You see when you are traveling abroad opting for online payment is the best choice you can make. Kindly remind that the coupon code can save you much money.

That's because when you pay online, you can either use your local currency or use a Hotels.Com gift card. Also, you can earn points or rewards by opting for the online payment option. But when you decide to pay at the hotel directly, you may face a problem with the currency if you are not traveling domestically.

It's only a matter of few moments to book a hotel on Hotels.Com. All you have to do is provide your general requirements regarding the room, and that’s it. And the main advantage of Hotels.Com is that they have various modes online payment option such as credit or debit card, gift cards, Google and PayPal.

Know About Booking: If you have any queries, you can find the customer support tab at the top of the website. You can see your reservation, read about frequently asked questions or can even contact a customer support representative. The customer service team of Hotels.Com will be more than happy to help you. With the help of these options, you can have answers to all your questions. You see it's really simple.

What Do We Like About Hotels.Com?

The things listed below are the plus points about Hotels.Com.

It's more than Just Hotel Deals: If you think that Hotels.Com is all about hotel deals then, you couldn’t be more wrong than this. Although the name of the site is Hotels.Com in reality, it deals in a lot of other things that you need to know about. Apart from hotels, it also provides you vacation packages, access to rental cars, flights, activities and a lot more. And coupon code and deals are always available.

No Charges for Change or Cancellation: Unlike other hotel booking websites, Hotels.Com does not charge you change or cancellation fees. You can modify your booking or even cancel it without you having to pay a penny for it which is a great thing for the customers. For people who are on a tight budget, this advantage is like great news for them. But you should keep one in mind that just because Hotels.Com doesn't charge you with any change or cancellation fee that doesn't mean that you will not be charged with a fee. Many airlines charges on their own which are just passed along by Hotels.Com.

Get Free Nights: Hotels.Com has this special arrangement of reward points which can get you free stays at luxury hotels if you book through them. Like for instance if you pay for your ten nights, you will get a night free with it. Even if you don't stay at the hotel, the reward points will be counted to your account.

And the best thing is that there are no blackout dates so, you can stay at any one of the 85,000 participating locations of Hotels.Com. And if you are a regular traveler then, you have all the more chance to avail the perks. If you book ten ti9mes during the year, then you will be entitled to the Silver status while individuals booking for more than 30 times a year are entitled to the golden status.

More Saving: Hotels.Com has the specialty of offering various discounts and offers during the entire year. To put in other words, the more offers they provide you with hotels, the more you get the opportunity to save. Isn’t that a great thing? Other than that, the rates provided by them are always lower than other sites.

Group Travel Assistance: If you are one of those people who love to travel in groups, no worries because Hotels.Com has got you covered. With the help of Hotels.Com, you can book rooms for your entire group without any problem. And you can use a coupon code to have a lower price than ever could.

You can put in your wants and queries such as how many rooms you need, whether you need single rooms or double bedrooms. Once you have submitted your demands, you will receive feedback from the hotels and thus, further carry on with your negotiation and other stuff.

What don't we like about Hotels.Com? There are a few things about Hotels.Com that can be a bit turned off.

Service And Tax Fees Are Not Included: The prices of hotels listed on the site do not include taxes or service charges which is a problem. The fact that these charges are not included, it may come to you as a shock when these extra charges hit you. Because of this, your budget plan may get flop, and thus it can cost you more than what you expected. After all, it’s not possible for you or for anyone in that matter to guess the tax amount charged. So, this is a bit of a problem with this website.

No Flexible Dates: People trying to book flights through Hotels.Com may not get more than one set of data at a time which comes as a big disadvantage for the user. If the site would have provided a flexible date search then, it would have been much more convenient, especially for people who are looking for the best of the flight deals.
Other than the above two mentioned drawbacks, the site is just fine. If these drawbacks are fixed then, this would be a completely a flawless site.

Reasons to Book through Hotels.Com

By now, you know that Hotels.Com is one of the best hotels booking sites so, you can easily rely on it. In case if, you are still in a dilemma that whether to use Hotels.Com or not then here you go with the reasons that you should use it.

Prices of hotels are much lesser than what is provided by other hotel booking sites. So you can save more, especially when use a coupon code at checkout.
Hotels.Com gives you special offers on hotel deals and vacation packages throughout the year.
You can earn reward points every time; you book through Hotels.Com.
With the help of the reward points, you can earn free nights at luxury hotels.
You don't have to pay any change or cancellation fees in case of ticket modification or cancellation.
The site provides you with more than just hotel deals. It also deals in flight bookings and others.
You can avail group assistance from the site when traveling in groups.

Hopefully, now you have reasons enough to use Hotels.Com when you travel next.

In short, it can be concluded that it's pretty easy to use site which gives you a lot of special offers. Also, the site provides you with a lot of search options to make your decision easier. So next time you are planning to travel somewhere, whether single or in the group, you can simply book your travel accommodation through Hotels.Com and avail the benefits entitled with it. It is one of the best and trusted hotels booking site that you can come across on the internet today. Furthermore, the coupon code, deals, and discounts will give you BIG savings.

Last updated on May 15, 2019