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About HostGator

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HostGator: A Brief Study on the Service Provider

While the world is changing every day, the technology also changes every single day. With the constant change in technology, it is important for us to move ahead too and one of those changes would be the shift of offline media to online.

People with businesses are hosting their information about the business online to increase the popularity and also for making it spread and reaches a vast amount of crowd. Now, web hosting is a new yet very powerful engine for expanding or popularising your business or product. In this article, we will be reviewing a service provider, HostGator which works for the same cause.

About HostGator:

HostGator’s headquarters are located in Austin and Houston, but they are trying to expand worldwide. They first came into action in the year 2002 and now, after years of having a successful business they have a great customer base. HostGator is a hosting service provider that is very affordable yet powerful when compared to the other ones present in the market.

Their services are of different ranges, and thus the prices are decided. HostGator is also known for the type of customer support they provide you almost 24*7. Their web hosting services might be on a smaller scale till now but as they expand they will be the best ones in the market.

They are mainly working for smaller countries and individual business holders or start-ups. Their packages are packed with features, but the prices are much lesser which makes it even better. There are different plans too that are included in the whole hosting structure, and you are free to choose one according to your budget.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HostGator

There are several different advantages and disadvantages to a web hosting service provider. Here, we will discuss the advantages for which you must prefer them and the disadvantages that might make you question them.

Advantages of HostGator Hosting:

This service provider will shock you with the number of services that they can provide you with. The advantages to them are even better which include a money back plan that is for people who are still new to this. The other advantages are:

Uptime: The network uptime is one of the most important features that people look for when trying out hosting services. The uptime determines the total amount of time computer functions properly, and with HostGator, it is even better. They guarantee you with a running time for about 99.9% of the time which is around 99.5% for others. This is a plus point, and then they also assure you about the stability and consistency during the uptime.

Money Back Guarantee: This is a big promise since they are assuring you with the fact that you will be satisfied with their service. Now, the money back is made with 30 days, but HostGator does it for 45 days which is 15 days more. This will give you time to decide whether you want to continue or you would like to change to another hosting service. Although it is important to note that one will have to follow some rules if someone wants to get a cashback.

Customer Support: The third merit about their hosting services is the kind of customer support they would provide you with. Their customer support is active 24*7 over different mediums like online, phone or via SMS. They will assist you with the hardest of problems, but you just have to be a little patient. They are experienced and have proper knowledge about the services which is a great advantage. They will also help you in fixing problems that are caused because of the usage of wrong tools.

User-Friendly: The different technologies have also enhanced the number of functions that can be included in these services. These things have complicated the overall user interface, but in case of HostGator, they have kept in mind the issues and thus made a very simple interface that can be accessed even by the beginners. They will also provide you with different faq’s to solve minor issues and different tutorials for your start.

Security Options: This is the most important feature one hosting service provider must keep in mind since security is the most important thing. They will provide you with relocation services if you want to move one website to another and that would be completely free of cost. They will give you protection over different malware threats and also an SSL-encryption is provided too. The security options are also updated from time to time which ensures even better facilities.

Disadvantages of HostGator Hosting:

After we have mentioned the advantages it is essential to point out the flaws their hosting comes with. The disadvantages of HostGator hosting are:

Speed: The time needed during loading a page is very high that is a big downfall in case of HostGator’s hosting. Their uptime might be great at times, but the speed is very low that is shown by the records over the past few months. This needs to be heavily worked on, or else they will start losing customers since no one wants to wait for the website to load.

Pricing: This is a scenario that you will face in many cases, i.e., the cover truth. You will be offered several prices or plans to fit for yourself that are known for promotional activities, but when you start using them, you will understand that not everything goes the way it is planned.

Now, the prices have certain terms and conditions attached to them if you want the offers otherwise the prices are high. So, you cannot opt for smaller plans if you want discounts. Use the HostGator coupon code at checkout to get more cost-effective price.

Database Backup's: They have been known to speak up for their backups or the database backup’s provided by them. But not many people understand that these backups are available manually in the c-Panel too. Now, once you ask for the automatic or database backups, you will be charged extra for that.

Plans under HostGator Hosting:

There are three different kinds of hosting plans in case of shared hosting by HostGator, and they are:

Hatchling Plan: This is the most affordable plan out of the three plans available to you by HostGator Hosting. It comes for an amount of $3.95 for every month and will support a single domain name but several subdomains. Users can use HostGator coupon code to get a lower price.

People who are still learning the online market or who are setting up the new businesses they are the most suited ones for this plan since this is a simple, affordable and accurate plan. This also comes with a super friendly interface that allows the newest of members to get habituated with it and also the installations are just one click away.

Baby Plan: This comes with all the features included in the hatchling plan but with some extras too. The Baby plan also includes an unlimited amount of storage, unlimited domains and also the bandwidth is very flexible. The baby plan costs you around $5.95 for every month which is a bit higher than the hatchling plan. They come with a one-click installation process which is easy for experienced as well as newcomers. They also provide you with multiple e-commerce features that are a great add-on when compared to the hatchling plan.

Business Plan: As the name sounds, this is the most upgraded plan out of the three ones and this comes for $5.95 for every month that you use it. With this plan, you will be provided with a completely free IP and SSL. This will allow you to make transactions and accept payments over the e-commerce section which is a great service. The SSL certificates are rarely included in any plans for such a low cost.

Being said that, these plans also have add-ons which are very useful, but they charge a little more than the normal plans. So, if you need them then you need to pay the extras, and they will be added to your plan instantly.

Features of HostGator Hosting:

Installation Process: the installation processes are not very tough, but they tend to take a lot of time. In case of HostGator is a lot easier. The sign-up is also a mere one step process that can be easily accessed even by beginners. The activation of the account only takes a day or two after which you are good to go till the time there is a problem in the connection.

Customised c-Panel: You have to use the same control panel for all the different plans. Now, c-Panel can be hard to use and confuse too if you have never used it before. But you don’t have to worry about that either because they have customized the c-panel too which makes it much better than before. This control panel will enable you with controls that will help you add new plans or add-ons to your already existing plans.

Other functions under the C-Panel are:

With the help of the control or c-panel, you can easily control the email accounts.
You can make additions to your domains or subdomains with the help of this c-panel.
You can access the traffic on your website if you integrate the google analytics with the c-panel.
You will also be able to start email marketing if you set it up properly with HostGator.

HostGator's Sitebuilder: Another great feature is the SiteBuilder that comes in use when you use the control panel to access it. The builder is known to use a facility known as “Drag and Drop.” The builder will also provide you with an image library already installed, and then you are free to customize anything that you wish to. With this, you will be able to go for complete customization but then the codes can be high to decode, so choosing an easier option is the better option.

Promotional Emails: These emails can be used easily by the customers for up to three months for completely free and for up to 500 contacts, but after that period, you will be charged. This will also provide you with a feature that will help you collect and store your contact information for future use safely. These marketing or promotional ideas are very useful for new or running business.

Friendly Environment: The hosting provider or the VPS hosting will equip you with very useful and friendly environment. You can afterward access the facilities or services that you want to use and share. If you are not very keen on sharing them at the very start, then you can customize that too. After you are done setting up, the hosting services will be used for further more complex websites and ones having more traffic on a daily basis.

HostGator Shared v/s HostGator Cloud: There is a fine line of difference found when the two are compared regarding cost, uptime, and speed. The cost of the shared hosting is $3.95 for every month whereas the cloud one costs around $2.99. The uptime is almost similar in both these cases which are 99.9%. The last perimeter for measurement is the speed which is greater in case of Shared, i.e., 1023ms and case of the cloud is around 565ms.

Payment Methods for HostGator Hosting: There are different methods by which you can pay for the hosting services and some of them include using the Credit Card, or if you have a PayPal account, then you can use that too.

This is everything you must know about the HostGator hosting services and their features. This also describes the different pros and cons that are there in the web hosting services provided by HostGator. Now it is obvious you cannot use everything at once because of certain clauses and restrictions.

Check the prices very carefully before you opt for any plan or service. Read the terms and conditions very carefully for the money back. So, use them wisely and try taking up a plan that fits you the best! HostGator coupon code can help you generate extra savings.

Last updated on June 12, 2018