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Top-Rated Web Hosting Platform:

With a boom in the businesses that are going online with every passing day it becomes quite important to maintain an online presence. However, not everyone has the financial backing to pay for their own dedicated physical servers. Making use of this opportunity a number of websites (or dot-com businesses) are providing the up and starting businesses with a way to effectively create their own web domains.

One of such dot-com companies that have managed to garner a name for them in this area is GoDaddy. Ever since its conception, over twenty years ago, it has showed promise and has over seventeen million customers worldwide. We aim this article on GoDaddy review at providing our readers with a well informed opinion about this web hosting site.

Working online is very expensive. Taxes start to apply to your business even before your have been able to register any income. Thus, it is very difficult for some who are just starting out to form their own platform. Making use of financial resources for going online will drain them of other resources that are equally important to the setting up of an online business.

GoDaddy is one such online web hosting that provides its users with making use of its servers, both virtual and dedicated physical servers, for using it to run their businesses. GoDaddy coupon code, promo code and coupons mentioned above can be a good way to help you get their service at the most cost-effective price.

Our GoDaddy review will focus on listing all features that we came across in our research and will also list its demerits for forming your own point of view.

What is GoDaddy:

It is a web hosting platform that allows its users to create their website for conducting business. This service is greatly sought after as not every business has enough financial backing or the resources or the knowledge to form and manage their websites. GoDaddy has made use of this opportunity to create an excellent market that both serve its consumers while making a profit for their own self.

GoDaddy is a company that has a rich history and vast list of satisfied customers. Having deep pockets and sound financial backing allows them to have vast resources at their back. This article on GoDaddy review aims at establishing certain standards that will allow its readers to form well informed decisions and opinions about whether they will decide or not on using this website for hosting their services.

Top reasons for using GoDaddy:

Our article would list the following reasons as parts of its GoDaddy review as to why you should be using this webhosting platform:

Getting started at zero cost: GoDaddy does not charge anything for the first month of its services. Thus, it lets the consumers get properly acquainted with its services before they decide upon continuing its services. Many web hosting platforms do not offer this service as they are not ready to provide free hosting of services.  And GoDaddy coupon codes allow you to get web hosting at $1/month only.

GoDaddy helps young businesses mover past this hurdle. By making use of its free hosting services, businesses can get to know the requirements that they will need to have if they wish to go online. Users can use GoDaddy coupon code or promo code to have a very affordable price.

Wide range of customization available: The user can also make effective application of the wide range of customization that they make available to its users. Customization help the users get their unique interface that differentiates it from other users.

This very important in the time of today because of the large number of companies that have established themselves online. It helps them to make their website distinct from others. Many web hosting platforms charge additionally for this, which means paying more money at an already financial crunch time.

Tutorials are available too: For those users who do not have any prior information about what it is to create a websites. GoDaddy offers many tutorials that allow its users to learn the basics of creating and maintaining a website. In the absence of services like this one will have to make use of additional resources that means paying more money and devoting additional time.

Thus, GoDaddy does indeed take care to provide its users with all that they need to know for setting up an online business. These classes are also available offline but they are mostly paid and require committing a fixed amount of time.

Round the clock support: Many a time it happens that these websites crash and are in need of maintenance that requires addressing technical complications and large amount data handling. If the user does not have the necessary qualification then he might not be able to address such technicalities all by himself.

GoDaddy provides its users with the technical backup for their business. This makes them additionally preferable over their competitors. This is one more reason about why you should prefer it over others.

Low cost: Lastly, this factor works in huge favour of GoDaddy. After the initial free trial is over the users have to pay only a low cost for continuing its services. Many other sites that offer similar services have very high prices when it comes to the continuation of its services. Besides that, GoDaddy coupon codes and promo codes can help users generate BIG savings.

This is not the case when it comes to GoDaddy. It provides its users with low cost options that new businesses prefer in their mode of operation. These all are the factors that make us lean in favour of GoDaddy when it comes to hosting online services.

Summing up, our GoDaddy review found a huge number of new businesses that shared their experiences, all praising this online web hosting platform for its contribution towards making their business successful.

Demerits of using GoDaddy:

However, like everything else, even GoDaddy is not free from hassles. Through this article about GoDaddy review we would like to point out a few that we came across:

E-Commerce tools are not available: Apart from going online with your business, you also need to devote considerable resources into the maintaining of your online platform. This is an area where GoDaddy falls back in respect to its competitors. It offers very few and very limited number of tools that only make it possible to maintain a very basic level of operation possible.

This might prove to be a hindrance to those businesses that have found initial success and are now looking to expand further. For them, it proves to be a limiting factor for developing businesses.

Issue of privacy: Another factor that came up while writing this GoDaddy review was the issue of online privacy. As we all know, when it comes to having an online persona, security is very important for any user. GoDaddy does not provide many security options and this leaves the web pages susceptible to many online threats and breakdowns.

Its pages are not that well encrypted and can be hacked which may result in the loss of personal data which may get leaked to other sites. The issue of privacy continues even after the initial free trial expires.

Webpage crashes sometimes: Though the website says that it provides round the clock maintenance but that is not always true. Many a time, the issues remain unresolved for a long time.

This results in a loss for the businesses that have chosen GoDaddy as their online platform remains unavailable for doing business for the users of their services.

The web hosting platform has yet to effectively address this issue and resolve it effectively. This has also resulted in a number of online businesses leaving GoDaddy for other web hosting service providers.

Fundamentalist design: GoDaddy offers only a basic outline for its users and does not offer too many customization options. For its users, this is a big turn down. Initially they make use of the number of different options available but as their business expands they expand their search for more options too.

The number of custom fonts becomes limited for a single page. This keeps the look of the page relatively simple. This basic look works for the disadvantage of the business as the users start preferring other sites that offer more and better user interface.

Limited range of themes available: This again proves to be a limiting factor when it comes to the customization of websites. The continued emphasis that this GoDaddy review is placing on customization options is due to the factor that user interface is very important when it comes to doing online businesses.

The user interface is what allows each website to offer its users their own personal touch that is unique to its website and its service. In the end, GoDaddy has a major drawback in the form of its customization option that it offers to its users.

Summing up:

GoDaddy is not all merits or all disadvantages as most people will portray it to be. It is true that it has its own drawbacks but to counter those it also offers many advantages that are unique to its web hosting platform. One should try its services before deciding to discard it completely. It has many offerings that work so largely in its favours.

It has been working consistently in order to resolve its shortcomings. It is improving and widening the scope of its services every day. Our article is aimed at providing the users with a well formed opinion before they decide on moving on to other web hosting platform.

This GoDaddy review covered a wide base of users and formed it into an article for the purpose of informing its readers about both, the merits and demerits of this website.

Hosting online businesses are fast becoming a business opportunity for a number of people who have an idea that they are willing to form into a business. GoDaddy has been of help to many such people who could find no other methods for going online and expanding their customer base.

Starting out from its presence in a single country, it spread over to many nations and expanded its reach to other continents too. Asia, Europe, Australia and the American continents are within its reach.

It has been effective in promoting businesses all over the world. It helps users in facilitating their business over to multiple continents and serving customers not only in their home country but across the globe too.

Final Verdict:

The aim of this GoDaddy review has been to provide its readers with an effective evaluation of GoDaddy. Any user that is looking for establishing an online business also aims for ease of operation and ease of access.

Hence GoDaddy falls short of this benchmark. But this is not to say that GoDaddy is not a viable option. It is far ahead in terms of certain factors than its competitors. It offers so many features that are not offered on any other web hosting platform.

There is a reason as to why this website has been a world leader for so many years. It has established its dominance over its competitors by offering services that none of its competitors have offered. Its vast financial backing and the presence of a number of international financers allows it to provide free initial trial to its users. This allows a number of young owners to learn more about hosting online services.

GoDaddy has helped a lot of companies in reaching the industry standard where they are today. GoDaddy is focused on improving its reach both for users and producers of services. A user should assess his or her own needs before they decide upon using or not using these services that they offer, everybody has their own unique needs that require different platforms.

It has many satisfied customers all over the globe and across continents that are a huge promoter of its services. In spite of certain fallbacks and failures that they have encountered in the recent times, they continue to grow. It has been continuously trying to improve its services and its user experience.

If you are planning on going online for your business, you should at least try its services before deciding to move on to a different platform for online webhosting services. Don't miss out on the best selection of GoDaddy coupon codes, promo codes and deals here.

Last updated on April 26, 2018