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About Gearbest

Gearbest, A one-stop shop for the gadget freaks and online shoppers

Nowadays there is a very stiff competition among the E-Commerce websites. This is the reason why the websites are growing and gaining so much popularity. Our lives are very busy that makes us unable to visit the nearby stores and moreover this online website are more convenient when it comes to budget buying and exploring plenty of options. There are many products which are not sold in the traditional market but one can find them on the E-Commerce websites or can even pre-book a particular gadget if they want to.

Some people want an e-commerce website that will provide everything under a single roof. This is the reason why Gearbest has become the first choice of many consumers. This website is serving the consumers from every corner of the world because of the fast shipping facility and secured payment options. Every website will promise you to provide you with the high-quality product but it is quite uncertain when it comes to trusting their verdict. But here one can easily trust this website and should definitely opt for it if they are a gadget freak.

About Gearbest

Gearbest is one of the most popular E-commerce platforms that is growing by leaps and bounds and has become the preference of all the consumers because of the good quality product delivered by the store sellers. Gearbest is aiming at making the consumers happy by providing the best service and products. One can find everything under the roof of Gearbest and it has a specialization in the selling of men's fashion, electronics and gadgets. The online catalog of this website is expanding constancy and on everyday bases, cool and latest gadgets are added to the list. You will get the best tech fix in this website.

One will only have to pick the best products from the site and the shipping is completely affordable for every customer sitting in any corner of the world. It is very easy to shop and then receive the product. Moreover when a person is buying from any online website one thing that always hits their mind is the warranty that the product will be genuine. So Gearbest also gives a transparency in this sector by providing a warranty of 45 days where you can easily ask for the refund by returning the product without answering any questions. Moreover, there are many products that also come with replacement and repair policy that covers 1-year warranty.

The customer satisfaction is very important for the growth of any E-commerce website and hence Gearbest have dedicated servers who will focus on this sector. Every customer is valued in Gearbest irrespective of their order size. One can easily reach the support center any time of the day with the help of 24 hours live to chat on telephone services and they will revert back to you as quickly as they can for solving your query.

4 step method of Gearbest:

Shopping from this  website is pretty much simple when you will look into the four-step method of shopping with Gearbest. So these methods are:

Sign up and then register for the new account. On registering you will get 10 reward points. Then you can also join the newsletter for notifying yourself with all the latest trends.

After searching for the product that you love you can easily add it to the shopping cart. One can find near about 110000 products at a rocking price and this website is very handy and when it comes to getting instant results. You can easily shop by filtering different categories and when you will be ready to buy a product just add it to your cart.

Payment is very important and one must do a secure payment. Gearbest delivers products to more than 200 countries or regions on an everyday basis so wide range of shipping options available. In some cases or countries, you can also avail the free shipping option. One will get the insurance and online tracking facility with every order. So long distance shipping will also be a fast shipping method with help of FedEx, DHL, and Ems.

This website is fully secured and protects all your transaction and personal information. You can also use PayPal for protecting your purchase from some of the verified merchants. You can use the American Express, Mastercard etc. for making the payment. You can also opt for local options like boleto bancario. Many people get various discounts on choosing a different payment method.

Shipping information:

This company ships their products in the various corner of the world except for Palestine and South Sudan. There are four kinds of shipping methods which are used by this E-commerce website. This is expedited shipping, registered, priority line and unregistered. The standard shipping of this company can reach almost every country but if you opt for the priority line then it will ship to most of the important countries.

The shipping time from warehouse to the nearest address is very fast and in some cases, you may also have to pay additional charges. The price of the shipping will depend on the products weight, their origin, the destination, the type of shipping method used and the warehouses. So a lot of factors need to be considered before the price is estimated. If you asked for the imported services or goods then you will have to pay the taxes which are regulated by the law of a particular country. Gearbest won't be responsible for this taxes which are charged on the products.

Warranty and return

Return and warranty will only be provided if a person suffers from these issues:

The packaging is very much protected to keep the product in a safe place so that you won't receive any tampered product. There are many cases where a customer wants to return an option or ask for its warranty.

7-day date: When you will receive product if it is not working or damaged then you can opt for the warranty process and contact the support center within 7 days after the product received. You will have to send a product to a particular address and the moment the support team will receive the product then they will send you another new item that will be free of cost. Or you can opt for a full refund. This policy is made so that every consumer can shop with peace of mind in a risk-free environment.

30 days refund guarantee: If you want to go for the 30 days refund policy or return then also Gearbest will provide you with this option. In this case, the customer will be responsible for the shipping and it will be non-refundable. The item must be returned in the original packaging and must be unopened and a new which will qualify the products for refund policy.

Guarantee of 45 Days Money Back: If the item is faulty then you can easily parcel it back to the company and initiate a refund which you will receive in 45 days. But the shipping charges for the return will not be provided by the company.

Otherwise, a warranty which this company covers is:

Lifetime support for technical issues.
Return for apparel issues.
Warranty for special products.
Warranty notes and exemptions.

Payment method

Why choose Gearbest?

There are three reasons which make Gearbest the best E-commerce website to shop with are mentioned below:

About Gearbest: Gearbest is the best E-commerce website for the gadget lovers and the products which are provided by the gadget lovers. Every gadget lovers can share their passion for different kind of hot gears and cool techs. If you are looking for a particular product then Gearbest is the best destination for it.

Shipping: Shipping is very convenient with this website because it provides different types of shipping in an affordable range. You can also get free shipping which is restricted to certain countries.

Customer service: Gearbest provides a lot of attention to the satisfaction of the customers. This company has a dedicated and professional service that can serve every customer. You can easily get the support tickets from the support center with help of live chat which also offers real-time support the moment you need.

How to earn points?

If you can earn coins on E-commerce website then it will help you a lot to reduce the ordering cost in the checkout gate. So to earn these points one needs to do the following things:

You will get 50 points when you will subscribe to newsletters.
Post videos and reviews after purchasing the items. You can get 50 to 70 points if you do this.
You will get 250 if you recommend the videos on the other video community.
Whenever you will upload your picture in my account section you will be rewarded with 20 points.
When you will post the photos and reviews of the purchased items you will get 20 points.
The moment you register for becoming a member of the Gearbest you will earn 10 points.
You will learn 10 points when you will purchase the items and post the text reviews.
When you will submit the order feedback you will get five points.

How to buy a product from this Gearbest website

This Gearbest website is having a very simple interface which makes it easier for the users to browse through the website. The products are categorized properly in terms of price, latest products, discounts and many more. All you have to do is look for the right product by filtering them or you can search from the search box. Make sure you are reading the reviews for detailed information. Make sure that you are reading the specification of the product to get a transparency regarding the product. After doing a thorough research you can easily buy the product. You also can use the Gearbest coupons and promo codes to get a much lower price than ever could.

What is the Gearbest pro program?

Any content writer or YouTuber can get this Gearbest Pro program offer. All you have to do is show cast your knowledge and expatriation which you have on the gadgets and a channel needs to be a major one so that you can influence a lot of people to buy the product.

You can also get cool gadgets for free depending on the field in which you have expertise. You will have to give a product request and provide them with your previous performance. After tallying this, if they find a proper match between them then you will be provided with a free product or you can buy them with the help of a huge discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Gearbest delivers to the remote areas?

Yes, it does deliver to the remote areas because they work with DHL and FedEx. You will have to apply for the nominal charge for remote area. This mainly occurs when the delivery address is very far from the main logistics address. If you don't want to pay the additional fees then you can opt for the standard shipping or the flat rate shipping.

What to do if the item is missing some parts when delivered?

The very first thing that you need to do is report the product code and the order number to the support center. If you opt for a product that is expensive or major then it will be registered as a stolen or lost during the delivery case. And if you buy any small accessory then the company will resend you with the same product.

These are the important things which a customer needs to know before they opt for Gearbest website. It is by far the best e-commerce website to buy your gadgets from but reviewing everything properly is also important if you are trusting online mode. Moreover, the payment method is also secured so you won't have to worry regarding your transaction and personal details. It is important to note down every tiny detail regarding the transaction for future use. Make sure that you are purchasing during the sale period to get the best deals at the best price. Gearbest coupon code, promo code, and deals can help you save more money.

Last updated on August 06, 2018