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About FTD

What are some of the important details about FTD?

Customers can use FTD promotion code, gift code or coupon code to shop flowers and gifts at the best price. FTD is a company that sells flowers when orders are placed in its site. The company has come a long way since its inception. There are a lot of important details about FTD.  Tirelessly working towards the satisfaction of the customers is the reason behind the tremendous success of the company.

A brief throwback to the FTD companies

FTD is a company found in the year 1910 at Rochester, New York by a person named John A Valentine. The company's logo is unique in that it is very easy to recognize. It is a mercury man logo. In the year 1923, a unit of FTD was started in Britain after the humongous success it got in the United States of America. In the year 1924, The FTD Clearing House Operation was started to provide nonprofit banking services. The first ever test order program was started to provide top performance and to assure quality services. FTD is also the company that holds the pride of using technology to send flowers all over the world. The International Telegraph Florists was established between the FTD, FTD British and the floral clearinghouse in Europe called the fluoro. The conglomeration later came to be called as Interflora.

The company became even more famous by using the strategies of print media campaigning. They roped in a lot of famous celebrities by that time like Elizabeth Taylor, Rosemary Clooney, and Dale Evans. After the telegraph, came in the telephone using which the services were being rendered to the public. First, a test was done for a brief duration of three months which was later followed by the transformation of the telegraph services to telephone services. The company developed an electronic system to connect all the florists all over the United States of America. In the year 1994, the website was started. The company's ownership got transferred from public to private and from private to public much often. Since it is a floral company, it also started providing services that included setting up gardens for homes. Since 2013, the company has acquired the status of a public entity and has acquired a lot of other smaller firms in the past few years. It has grown too big in size.

What should you know about the companies under the helm of FTD?

There are a lot of companies that are under the umbrella of FTD.


Sending flowers over to someone is the best way to celebrate some of the life's most memorable moments and FTD knows this fact very well. The company's journey began in the year 1910 when a group of 13 florists joined hands together to send flowers via the telegraph services. Today, the company has risen up to the position of being one of the largest retail florists in the world. The company is able to sustain in today's market owing to the fact that the company is constantly innovating and being artistic in all means possible.
USA and Canada are the largest consumer base in the world. The businesses happen mostly via the online network through its website and also by the toll-free telephone number. Apart from providing floral arrangements and plants which forms the prime items list, the company also sells chocolate coated strawberries, fruits, spa products, jewelry, gift packages etc.,

The company tries its best to deliver on the very same day of placing the order. If the company is unable to provide services on the very same day, the maximum by the following day, the orders are tried for a delivery. If the place is too far off, then the delivery services are handed over to a third party who would make the delivery for the order placed.
Apart from collecting the flowers from the producers, the company also has tie-ups with the other small-time retailers to provide swift delivery services.


Interflora was found in the UK to provide floral services over the telegraph. UK and Ireland are the two major customers for Interflora. Florists Telegraph Delivery Association was the name used earlier. But after a due course of time, the name changed to Interflora. The services were initially provided only in the UK. Later the services were extended up to Ireland.
Ever since its inception, the markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland have always been dominated by Interflora. If you are looking for elaborate delivery options in the United Kingdom and at Ireland, then you must prefer Interflora. Most of the orders are placed via the website and by using the phone number.

There are a lot of retail stores where Interflora has a lot of contacts. So, you can pick up at those retail stores also. Another best part about shopping with Interflora is that you can choose the flowers or the stems that you would like to include in your flower bouquet. Interflora always makes sure only to deliver the right and the fresh flowers. Interflora has tie-ups with a lot of courier services so you need not worry if your package would get delivered on time or not.

Prof Lowers

Pro flowers are a relatively newer company. It was started on the eve of Valentine's day. The main aim of the company is to provide fresh flowers that can even stay bright for more than seven days. This is one of the best options to prefer if you want to send some flowers to your love who resides miles away from you. The couples who are in a long-distance relationship would always prefer Pro flowers over anything else due to their prompt delivery services.

Shari's Berries

If you have an idea that FTD is all about flowers only, then you need to change your opinion. The berries apart from tasting yummy make one of the best options for a gift. The berries also entice the hormones in a person's body. Shari's Berries just do not make the normal berries in a box. But the berries are coated with a lot of taste enhancers like chocolate and other flavors which make it an ideal box for gifting. Shari's berries use the freshly plucked berries from the garden that it does not rot or get spoilt within a short span of time.

Personal Creations

Ever since FTD began providing services to people for making their special occasion even better, Personal Creations have made sure that it provides personalized gifts to the person concerned. When the stores under FTD specialize in sending flowers, berries; there must be a store from where the customers can shop the gifts that can be personalized for their loved ones. The personal creations help to deliver that sole purpose. Greeting cards, monograms and anything that connects you and the person concerned is sold on this site. The customers can also get their orders customized and provide customer satisfaction is the biggest aim of this company.


As the name suggests, have any gift in mind and you can spot them on this site. Gifts.com is the site that sells gifts ranging from any type. Be it for any gender, gifts.com has it all. The services are very much reliable and there are hardly few cases when there were any mishaps reported regarding the delivery of the product. Only the best quality products are shipped to the client. When you are sending a gift by using gift.com, you can even choose the color of the wrapper and other decorations.

About Sincerely

In this age of smartphones, there is hardly any time for any to sit and write long paragraphs describing their love for the other person. The greeting cards have already lost their value. But, you can vouch that there can be no other gift as good as a greeting card. The greeting cards help you to pour out your emotions and feelings in words. In other words, you can say that love just overflows while you write a greeting card. This practice was revived by About Sincerely. One can also receive greeting cards online using About Sincerely.

About Pro plants

There are a lot of occasions where you can see people gifting saplings as a return gift. The saplings are being preferred widely these days due to the rapid awareness about the rising levels of global warming and other environmental degradation activities. Saplings are being considered as one of those gifts which actually make a lot of sense when gifted. But, the idea of transporting a plant or sapling from one place to another is where the real issue lies. But this issue can be sorted if you choose Pro plants. The company has one of the best strategies to safely transport the plants from one place to another without having to soil the surroundings. Right from ornamental plant to plants that provide commercial benefit are sold by pro plants.

Cherry Moon Farms

Don't assume by the name that the farm is here to sell only cherries. Gifting assorted fruits basket has become the latest trend. So, if you want to gift anyone you know a fresh fruit basket, and then you should prefer Cherry Moon Farms. These kinds of gifts are the most widely preferred in the countries of South Asian Continent. These are the gifts you must choose when you are visiting someone who has recently ailed from sickness. These are also the type of gifts you must buy when you are visiting a family. It does not look nice when you are getting fruits from the nearby market and throw them into carrying bags and gift it. There are certain designs that need to be included if you want the gift to appear as a gift with all the ribbon tied around it and neatly packed.

Provide Commerce

This is the parent site for most of the sites that are managed by FTD. The provide commerce integrated all the sites of FTD to provide an enhanced shopping experience.

Thus, you can say that FTD has bagged the one-stop place for buying gifts for anyone. Even if you are in a situation where you are not able to visit in person, you can make use of these kinds of delivery services offered. These are the list of companies that fall under the umbrella of FTD.

How to make bookings online using this site?

The website more or less is similar to that of any e-commerce site. All the items are categorized. So, you need not incur any confusion while buying using this site. The user interactive web front end design is the main reason as to why the users are drawn towards the site.

First, create an account with all the necessary details to complete the authentication process. You can send anonymously too. But even for making anonymous orders, you have to create an account.

The account will be created only after strict authentication.

Once you are done with the account creation, you can start shopping on this site. Once you have added the items to the cart and before you make payment, the site will ask you to enter the address/location to where the gift is getting transported to. Only after all these grueling processes, make payment.

This is how you make booking online.

There are other methods of making orders via telephone. You need not worry about the variety you might not get to know. The company has a very good customer support team who only work for the benefit of the company. Any customer who has doubts get clarified and then you can make the orders over the telephone itself.

There is a dedicated artistry team in the company who keep updating the services they offer innovatively. The customers still prefer this company in spite of uprising of a lot other service provider owing to the fact that the company has a very good legacy and due to the constant innovations in the market.

Each and every team of the company work jointly together to maintain a good communication so that they can provide great services to the customer.

Thus, if you are planning to send some flowers or any other gifts for any special occasion, you can make use of FTD site. Don't forget to use FTD coupon to get more savings.

Last updated on June 08, 2018