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What does server you with? is one of the most trusted sites since 1997. This is one of the biggest shipping sites that has shipped over 20 million packages and sold over $ 1billions of beauty products all over the world. They carry about 17000 genuine, great brand fragrances and hair care and skincare products that are available to the people at discount and less price. They also provide the people with free shipping services the U.S with minimum order. This site is rated with A+ for doing better business and providing its people with best quality product and services.

The entire products that are offered on the are 100% original products with proper brand names. They provide the people with a genuine product like perfume and beauty products with proper brand names. These are the products that are offered to you absolutely NO imitation or knockoffs.


All the committee members are working very hard and providing their customers with a complete better shopping experience that satisfies there wants and can provide them with great enjoyment. People are provided with the great range of selection and great price deals, they provide you with great offerings and customer service that will help you 24x7 and provides you with a great solution to all your problems. is the independent dealer that helps you in carrying genuine brand names products like fragrances, skin care, and hair care. But please you should make a note of this as they are not the manufacturer of any product that is being sold by them.

Legal Disclaimer about is not responsible for any of the typographical errors any type of inaccuracies set on the website. All the price, discount, and subject can be changed without any notice. So please make sure of everything and then buy the products.

Privacy and safety policy provides you with the best shopping experience, as they provide you with the best shopping, safe and convenient and worry-free experience. They provide the people with the best security program and make sure that all the transactions that are being done from are safe and 100% guaranteed.

Privacy and safety of

As there is secure server software all the personal information provided by the people are fully safe. This is fully encrypted and makes sure that all your personal data is protected. Therefore it cannot be ready by anyone and is fully personal. As they respect the privacy of their customer and has provided its users with the great privacy. They provide it people with about everything about how they gather the information and how they use the information that is being gathered by them.

All the information can be easily available to you on the websites and the website is registered. And if you like to be a member then you must be 18 years of age and above. As the site is emerging great on the internet, therefore, it provides its customers with the highest and various qualities of goods that are being provided you with excellent customer services. People can easily get access to useful information about the products and provides its people with the great experience shopping online.

For this, they will retain some personal information from you so that in case of any problem they can communicate with you. The information is taken by you provides you to process your order and provides you with the great personal experience. The information is taken so that they can inform you of more promotion and discounts.

What is information about you collected?

The website or any related website affiliated all the information that is provided by you whether at the time of placing an order, joining, taking membership or during the time of promotion is being collected by us. They collect all the information that is your name address, phone number, email address, birth date and any information is being used for the future promotions or deals that are being offered to you.

What do the websites provide its customers?

Many times during various occasions provides you with advertisements that are unrelated to the third party. Some of the advertisements are related to the personalized to the online activities that are being done online by the user.  You can also opt for the option that will help you in opting out of such cookies.

The return policy of

This provides you with the easy return policy that serves its customers the best. As in order to return merchandise, the person has to first get the RMA number that can be easily provided to you by the customer service department. Any unopened merchandise can be easily returned if it is in its original condition that is available to you in original packing. Within 30 days of receiving the product, it can be easily refunded with less shipping and no wrapping charges.

Any shipping cost that is being incurred by you while returning the product will be refunded to you the cost that is incurred while shipping in case of returning the product is not being refunded. Shipping cost for the undelivered, unclaimed and return package is not being refunded in case they make an error. There no refund option is provided in case of skincare, hair care, and makeup products and this is because of some health reasons. Therefore,

people are being requested to make their selection very carefully.

Some information that is required by you during the process of return

RMA number that can be provided to you by customer care department
Full name and the address
Email address
Phone number
Packing Slip
Order number
Reason for return

The return must be done of the using the entire traceable courier. If in case any package is not being received by the then tracking information is not provided and then in such case the sole responsibility for the shipper. It takes almost 14 days to go through all the exchange process.

If the package is being returned to and there is refuse or unclaimed then, in this case, you would be charged $5.95 reshipping fee.

Cancel of order

As we provide you with automated order processing and warehousing system. Therefore they are not able to cancel and modify your order once it is being submitted by you. If you have any questions then you can contact our customer service department for all quarries that you have.

Site features that are provided by the

They provide you with the coupon list.  The customer can easily sign up for the coupon list and can easily notify you about the special coupon, promotions and sales options. This is one of the best ways that people get attracted and can gain good quality products at fewer prices.

Reminder Club

This is one of the best features that are being provided to you as it helps you to make sure that none of the important occasion is being missed by you. This is a notification alert that will notify you with an email and remind you of all the birthdays, anniversaries and other dates that you need to remember. But to get all these benefits you need to get yourself register first.

Gift wrapping

A gift is said to be the perfect beauty that will help you in showing how much a person cares about you. provides you with the best offer that provides you convenient, elegant and best gifting service. They provide you with the gift item in a purple white gift box and also with an underneath ribbon. This is the service that is being provided to you at $1.00 for each additional item.

The gift certificate is said to be the perfect gift that is being given to birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. So you do not have to worry about if you choose to have a wrong fragrance. So let the special person whom you are choosing should decide them and select that suits them the best.

Affiliated programs provides you with partners programs that will help you in offering people with a great opportunity that will help you in earning commission revenue for all the visitors.  You can easily refer to the sites that offer the people with complete purchase. This is one of the best opportunities that are being provided to the people for earning the best revenue and they offer to the visitors for having a great experience while they are shopping from the site. They provide you with the most quality content and the visitors have a great chose as well they have now provided with the ability to purchase the brand name and it also provides you with the great discount as well.

This provides you with the great visual storefront of the product without having any stock inventory and any investment that provides you costly merchant server. The people can easily use the links within the content such as feature article, product review and many more. This will help you in adding textual links in your content.

Forgetting them started you have to follow some simple steps first you have to get yourself resisted in Rakuten so that you can easily participate in your commission that is being posted on the offer. This is known as an affiliate network that will help you in managing, maintaining and tracking all the transaction all the payments due, sending monthly statements and many more. So if you have any interest in visiting the partner program then you should visit the Rakuten.

Let's know how Rakuten works do

The Rakuten is said to be affiliated that is very responsible for calculating all the commission that is being owned by you. They use their patent pending referral tracking the payment technology. This is an affiliate network that helps you in monitoring all the users who leave your site and visited the participating merchants.

The Rakuten does not use any types of cookies and therefore, people do not have a treat of losing any commission who are refusing to take the cookies that are being offered to them. Rakuten is said to be the affiliated network that does not provides people to take the personal information of the people and any type of credit card information of the people thus the privacy of the people have no issue.

Let's know how it works

Finding the directions of using Rakuten is available to the people on websites. This is the system that is very easy for you to learn and is said to be very easy in using as well. Rakuten helps you in tracking the user from the moment they click on the link of the from the site and until the time they are completed with the sale of the product.

It provides the user with the easy and secure connection with the merchant that helps you in providing all pertinent information from the point of sale that is being put forward to the Rakuten Affiliate Network. All the information will be then compiled at the Rakuten Affiliate Network on

Is using the Rakuten Affiliate to Network?

This is an affiliate network that is neutral to the third party. They help them in filling all the unique features that are being used by them in ensuring accurate calculation of the commission. The owners of the site feel very confident that people receive an appropriate commission for each sale that is being referred to them.

At the end of each month, they are being received with the consolidated bill that will help you in telling about every sale that is being promoted to you each month and the commission that is associated with it. Rakuten is an affiliated network that provides the people with great feedback that will help you in monitoring your sale and provides you with great sales option online.

So this is all about so if are keen lover of perfumes, makeup's, hair cares and skin care products then so visit this site and get all branded products and have a great shopping experience.

Last updated on May 21, 2018