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About FLOS

While talking about the interior decoration of your house, you should be concerned about the lighting arrangement of your building. If you want to save money on lamps, the FLOS promo code, coupon code  and deals will be the good choices. Today, you can be creative while installing lights at your house. It is true that you will go for LED lights. But, only installing tube lights is not enough. After all, you are designing your home by modern styling. There must be something exclusive that will blow the mind of the visitors. How about installing FLOS lighting?

These are the lighting that has been crafted since 1962 in Italy, and soon it spread all over the world. These lights are incredible to experiment with shape, size, and materials. The LED plus technology is responsible for bright light, and soon the design has been acclaimed by international designers. Now, it has been popularized a lot, and if you want to install one at your house, you will find several types at the market. Here are reviews of top 10 best FLOS lights in the market. Read on to know more.

Top 10 FLOS Light That Will Increase Aesthetic Value of Your House

You have done the best interior decoration in your house. While it comes to lighting arrangement, FLOS lights are winning hearts. As these are available in various shapes, sizes and materials, you will be confused which one to buy. Here are top 10 products that will allure you-

Flos Snoopy Table Lamp White Marble Design Achille & Piergiacomo Castiglioni 1967

If you are looking for a table lamp that makes you study easily without putting on the tube light, this is the best product you can buy. If you have a habit of late reading or your kid's study late night, this is the best light to illuminate your study table. To get this style at the most cost-effective price, don't hesitate to use a FLOS promo code, coupon code.


The incredible features of this FLOS table lamp are-
It is available in marble and steel material.
1*E26/E27 100-240V 72W Halogen, but it is not included.
It comes with switching tremor-sensor dimmer
It is designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1967.

For making your reading experience more convenient, you can buy this light.

Flos AIM x 3 Light Points LED Suspension Pendant Lamp Black 3 x F0090030 + 1 x F0093030 Design R. & E. Bouroullec 2013 Made in Italy

While designing your house, you must concentrate on the lighting arrangement. Install designer lights that will suit the interior of your house. There is nothing better than this FLOS light. Install it and increase the aesthetic value of your house. Shop this pendant lamp with the FLOS promo code, coupon code used at checkout, you can get more savings.


Here are the awesome features of this FLOS light-
The lamp bulb is 1*LED 2700K 1250lm CRI 90-20W 110-120V*3
This incredible light is made of polycarbonate and aluminum.
The cord is 354” long, and the entire unit weighs around 7.1 lbs.
This light is available at black.

These unique features and the matte finish look have made it quite appealing to the buyers.

Flos Kelvin EDGE LED 8W Table Lamp Chrome Change Color Temperature 2700K to 3200K Design Antonio Citterio 2015

While talking about FLOS lights, this will be on the top 5. Not only for its functionality, but this light is quite good-looking. Once you have it on your table, it will change the decoration of the space.


Among all other types of FLOS lights, this one will be the first choice of buyers. The unique features are responsible for that-

You can get edge lighting of 2700/3200K 300lm CRI90 8W.
It comes with 120V.
The switching system is upgraded as it comes with a touch-sensor 3-step dimmer.
The color temperature can be adjusted.
It is made of Zamak and aluminum.
The length of the power cord is 150 cm.

With these incredible features, this light has become the first choice of the buyers. Buy now and illuminate your house.

Flos Parentesi DIMMER Pendant Floor Lamp Black Italy Design Achille Castiglioni & Pio Manzù 1971

The first thing that appeals to the buyers about this light is its design and appearance. It is sleek and perfect for a small apartment or a condo. Buy it before knowing its features.


This light comes with following features-
The lamp is of 1*MAX 105W E27 R125 HSGSR or LED 8W.
The dimmer is on the cable.
It is operated on 120-240V.
It is a pendant light but can be mounted on the ceiling and floor steel cable.
It weighs around 7.9 lbs.
This light is made of steel and elastomer.

These are certain unique features of this FLOS light that has made it desirable to the buyers.

Flos IC F2 Floor Lamp Brushed Brass and Blown Glass Design M. Anastassiades 2014 F3174059

This brass finished FLOS light will win your mind just by the appearance. The sleek design is perfect for keeping at the corner of your house or office. And it is so lightweight that you can adjust it according to your preference.


This light comes with amazing features-
It is a 1*201W E27/E26 HSGS dimmer.
It comes with voltage ranging between 100-240V.
The cord length is 94 inches, and it is available at black.
The light weighs around 22 lbs.
It is made of blown brass, steel, and glass.

It looks amazing. Once you buy this FLOS light, it will change the appearance of your house or office room.

Flos Bon Jour Unplugged Table Lamp Copper/Fabric - Original Made in Italy

A table lamp is quite necessary as it helps you in reading, sewing and other minute works. Instead of putting on the light of the entire room, if you put on a table lamp, it will save much on your energy cost. This table lamp looks great and performs better than any other of its contemporaries. FLOS promo code, coupon code, and deals are available, choose one to enjoy a big discount.


It comes with following wonderful features-
Designed by Phillippe Stark, this table lamp is quite good-looking.
It is made of aluminum or ABS o PMMA.
The dimension of the light is L.5.16 P.5.16 H 10.63 inches.
It is best for indoor usage.
There is a 4-step dimmer so that you can adjust the brightness according to your requirement.
You can recharge the light, and it comes with micro-USB facility.
The cable length is 47 inches.
It is operated on 110V.
The lightbulb is of 2700K 1*EDGE 250LM CRI90 2.5W

Due to this exciting features and the copper finish, this light is perfect for your living room.

Flos IC S1 Suspension Lamp Blown Glass and Brass F3175059 Design Michael Anastassiades 2014

It is true that FLOS lights come with unique features, but the first thing appeal to the viewers about this type of light is the appearance. It can change the look of the room where you will keep it. This version of FLOS light is no exception to that.


This FLOS light has the following interesting features-
The lamp dimension is around 1*60W G9 HSGS dimmer.
It is operated on 100-240V.
The brushed brass finish creates a sophisticated look.
The cord is 157 inches long, and the light weighs around 4.85 lbs.
It is made of steel, glass and blown brass.

The look is captivating. Buy now and give your room a quick makeover.

Flos String Light Sphere Head Round Suspension Pendant Lamp LED 12 mt with Base Floor Switch

Once you have a glance at it, you will love it. It is the look of the light that will change the appearance of your room. When it comes to its functions, it is quite effective.


The exclusive features of this amazing FLOS light are-
It is a LED ARRAY light that comes with 26W 2700K 1980lm.
There is also CRI93 dimmer.
There is also Bluetooth control available with this light.
This light is made of polycarbonate and aluminum.
The 12mt cable is effective enough to stretch long.
It also comes with 5 pcs hooks to attach the light at the walls or ceiling.

Because of these features, this light is favorite of all. Buy now and change the look of your room.

Flos Bon Jour Unplugged F1037009 LED Table Lamp White Transparent F1036000

This is another beautiful and effective FLOS light on this list. If you are looking for something affordable, this one is incredible. Table lamps are quite beneficial. Buying this one will be the right decision.


This light comes with following features-
The white finish of the lamp makes it look sophisticated.
This lamp comes with EDGE lighting 2700K 250lm CRI90 6W.
It also features with 110-120V.
The transparent design is awesome.
It is made of ABS, PMMA, and aluminum.

Buy the light now and make your study more exciting. You can gift it to your kid on her birthday.

Flos Arco 18W LED Stainless Steel Marble Floor Lamp Made in Italy

Last, but definitely not the least, this lamp will be on the list. There is nothing better to end the list of this type of lamps. Know the features and then decide to buy.


This FLOS light has the following features-
The lamp comes with multichip LED 2700K 18W 1150lm.
The step dimming power cord is quite effective.
You can get 100-240V power.
The cord length is around 106 inches, and it is black.
It weighs around 140.7lbs.
It is for indoor use. Remember, you should use it at the dry location.
The lamp is made of marble, aluminum, and stainless steel.

So, these are the exclusive features of this light that make people buy this product.

Here are the reviews of top 10 FLOS lights that will change the look of your room and add variety there. These are quite affordable and also look good. Installing one will make the visitors a bit jealous of you!

Buying Guide of FLOS Lamps

Now, whatever lamp you buy, you need to know how to choose the perfect one. There are several brands available at the market. You can get confused while choosing the most suitable one. Therefore, there are certain tips to follow while buying lamps. Read on to know more-

Choose the Perfect Lampshade

There are certain small objects on which the aesthetic value of your room depends. If the lampshade you bought, doesn’t match your room style, it will look odd. There are different types of shapes, sizes, and colors. Pick the right one for you.

Know Where You Are Going to Install the Lamp

This is one of the most important things you need to know before installing lamps. If you are installing in the bedroom, you should go for balancing the brighter and the softer versions. Look for different types of textures, patterns, colors, and sizes. Dining room lamps must be brighter enough as you are going to dine here with your family.

Look for the Brightness

You should choose bright lights for your house. No matter whether you install it at bedroom or bathroom, you should choose bright light. In the kitchen, you should install the LED lights so that you can have a better look at the darkest corners.

These are certain essential matters you should follow while buying lamps for your house. Know well before buying.

FAQ- Related to Lamps

Now, there are certain essential questions you need to know while buying lamps. You may buy online or from any shops, but you should ask these questions-

Do I Need an LED Light?

If you want to make your house brighter and want a clear view, you should go for LED lights.

Does LED Light Last Longer?

Usually, the updated LED lights run for five years long and serve you well.

Are these lights cost-effective?

LED lights are quite efficient, and these are quite energy saving. That’s why you can save on your electricity bills.

Hopefully, you get enough idea about FLOS lights and buying a guide of the best lamps. You can buy online or from shops. While buying online, you can follow the reviews to choose the best one. Also, you can call the seller to know more about the products. Always buy from authenticated sites with clear payment and return policies. Don't forget to redeem a FLOS promo code, coupon code or join deals to help you get a very affordable price.

Last updated on April 26, 2018