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About Expedia

What should you know about the travel giant, Expedia?

Expedia is a group of companies situated in the city of Washington in the United States of America. It was held by one of today's biggest tech giants, the Microsoft. Later it was acquired by InterActive Corp. Later, there was too many spin-offs under the Expedia Inc banner. This has made the company turn out into one of the largest travel companies in the world. The constantly growing company has set its foot in all corners of the world and has made it accessible.

What makes Expedia stand apart from the other travel companies?

One could say that Expedia has garnered this widespread recognition due to being in service for the past many years.

Multiple Services

Expedia is one of its kinds. There are a lot of travel aggregators at present, but there were hardly few back then. So, since its inception, Expedia has always maintained its charm. If you get into that one particular website, you could find that you can book an entire trip of yours all in one single place. This is the best part of it.

Multiple choices

The ways by which a travel aggregator differs from a travel company is by the fact that, the travel companies have certain tie-ups. You can only book the trip as a whole package. In the sense, you can book a trip for the package provided by the company. You cannot pick your favorite hotels or your favorite airline. But, this is possible when you are booking through an online aggregator like Expedia.

Exceptionally good Customer Support

The Customer Support is one of those major highlights of this firm. When a person is getting ready to explore the world to unveil some of the exotic locations from his bucket list, then he would be much eager and interested to ask many questions. The company must have a proper customer support team that actually answers to all the queries of the customers without having to make the customers feel very uncomfortable. This warm and friendly attitude of the team of Expedia has made sure that they get repeat customers. Once they have already accessed the services from Expedia, they usually don’t have the heart to try out other services.

Great website design

The website is the main source of bringing in customers to the page. The website should be designed in such a way that it is able to be easily accessed by even those who are not that good in reading and writing. The perfect usage of graphics and logos, wherever necessary, has enhanced the readability of the website. The inclusion of all the services offered by the company without making it look shabby is one of the greatest achievements. The usage of calm and soothing colors is yet another major plus.

Global Presence

There are hardly few online travel aggregators who have a global presence. The global presence here denotes the idea of providing the unparalleled services to its customer base be it any part of the world. The companies usually provide a good deal for certain places whereas they would not be in a position to provide the same for other places. The efforts taken by the company to improve the global presence of the consecutive efforts of the marketing team is what has made the company provide uninterrupted services be it in any corner of the world.

Frequent discounts during both on and offseason

It is very common to get discounts during the offseason as there are not many tourists who throng a particular place. The contacts circle of Expedia is too huge that there are no such times where there are nil discounts in a particular hotel.

Integration with all the players

The Airlines company's offers like the frequent flyers are integrated with the options for providing discounts in a particular place. This is how one could obtain benefit from one sector if they are constantly using the services of another sector.

Even provides last-minute services

People tend to plan all of a sudden but they must be able to get the right hotels and other necessities during their course of travel. This seems to be a herculean task if we plan by ourselves and not leaving it to travel companies like Expedia. Expedia, with its wide network, provides last-minute options for its customers.

How are the activities performed in Expedia?

The strong tech team of the company plays a vital role in finding the relevant piece of information from all the travel sites. The aggregation of the right content is the main reason for the array of services provided by the company that is coupled with the excellent marketing strategies of the firm.

How are these travel companies churning a lot of revenue?

The travel industries have grown a lot during the few past years. People did not have much idea about the places all over the world until they came across the internet which provided them the windows to the world. The wide array of pictures along with the information about the particular place being posted gave a push to the people of the world to travel and see for themselves. Now, this has given the idea that there are a lot of places to discover on the planet. But, as humans, it is very natural to have the sense of fear of traveling to an entirely new place.

Though the idea of adventure beckons us, we are equally afraid of the dangers it poses. So, the travel companies came into the picture. The delegates from these companies travel all over the world, check for viability, see the prospects for growth of tourism in the nations of the world and plan an agenda. In fact, the travel companies should be given the due credit for the development of tourism in a particular nation which is one of the major sources of income.

These travel companies got its biggest boost when it started using the internet as a medium for offering tour packages to the people. The internet gave it a wider reach to the masses. The newer forms of marketing, like the digital marketing, use the social media to expand its services to the people. Moreover, the people are highly influenced by seeing the vacation pictures posted by their friends who provide them with the impulse to actually search for companies that would provide the required need with the best possible price.

The people do not like to waste time on searching and bargaining and researching for hours together for proper prices. This responsibility is vested in the hands of the travel portals that do this job effortlessly for their customers.

The hotels which otherwise are not known to the people are given its due recognition with the help of the travel companies. So, these hotels provide a good amount to the websites for actually bringing in businesses.

So, the profit obtained by all these sources is provided as discounts to the customers.

What are the various services offered by Expedia?

There are a lot of services offered under the banner of Expedia. Few of them are listed below.

Services within the hotel

Expedia does a lot more than actually what Google offers to its customers. In fact, it is the wide range of services that have set it apart from the other players in the same division.

It is very common to spot the online travel aggregators listing the hotel rooms of various budgets. But, it is not very common to spot some Online Travel Aggregators providing the in-house services like spa treatment that too at offer prices. The sincere efforts taken by Expedia have resulted in such outcomes. This provides a great deal for the customers as they can avail these services at flat 50% offer whereas the others would be able to avail this offer at the fixed rate.

This is done by letting the hotelier's post information on the website themselves which allows for secret deals. This is how the hoteliers can actually make a lot of profit as these are the range of services which basically go unnoticed even by the ardent travelers. There are also a lot of discounts provided on the hotel tariff to those who chose to pick up these kinds of services too.

Not just hotels

But, if the stay exceeds for more than a couple of weeks, then choosing a vacation rental is the best idea. There are not many online travels aggregators who even have tie-ups with the vacation rentals. It is not an easy task to actually consolidate all the range of services within a vacation rental and these rentals are mostly owned by individuals and do not hold more than 15-20 pax at a time. But, customer servicing which is the foremost priority of Expedia makes fullest of efforts to bring these rentals together on its site.

Travel safely with Expedia

The car hire services are also offered by Expedia. People are generally afraid to hire cars in unknown cities. But, when it comes from an authorized service provider like Expedia, the people are much happy with choosing these car hire services to travel safely.

Not just website

All of the online travel websites that are linked to the main online travel aggregator Expedia.com, have their own mobile applications. These mobile applications provide constant updates about the various current discounts provided by that firm. This makes sure that the company is well connected to the customers.

A Brief Overview of Expedia

Expedia is an online travel aggregator that scraps data from websites and provides you with the necessary details needed for a trip. It is a metasearch engine that aggregates the details using the data fed in the search box of the site. The Expedia is a multinational company that in itself holds a lot of travel websites under its banner. The various travel booking websites are targeted at countries all over the world. So, the business model of Expedia makes sure that the company dominates in all of its services thus posing a severe competition to its competitors. Since most of the travel websites would fall under the purview of the

Expedia is, in fact, one of the best companies in the world. It even bags the place before Amazon in the list of Fortune 500 companies in the USA. The continuous and untiring efforts taken by the company to bring about a lot of changes to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the world has made it customer's favorite.

History of the company and its mergers & Acquisitions

Expedia can be called the mother of online travel Aggregator Company for the credit of providing the best of the services as early as possible.

The main success of the company is that it had acquired some of the top travel companies in the world. Now, that it had acquired, all the services that are offered by that company would fall under the category of services provided by Expedia.

The Expedia Inc is a spin-off from the IAC. Ever since it was out from IAC, it has widened the horizons of service. The TripAdvisor which is one of those websites which people look out for getting genuine reviews about hotels and to plan the trips accordingly is a part of Expedia In.,

Trivago is a German-based company whose majority shares was bought by Expedia Inc., Trivago which was known well in the western world has now become a famous name in the southern hemisphere of the world as well. This has to be attributed to the rigorous marketing campaigns undertaken by Expedia Inc.,

These are some of the factors as to why Expedia Inc., still holds the top place even after the advent of a lot of other players in the market. Expedia Inc. treats Customers as kings and looks deeply into the competition from its players. This motto of the company has made it rise to these heights.

Last updated on May 15, 2019