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About Coursera

Coursera- A good destination wherein you can learn something new or improve your current skills with ease. Coursera coupon codes, promo codes, and other forms of promotions can help students learn a course without spending much money.

Style of education has changed a lot. Earlier, you need books and notebooks with reference materials to study. But, nowadays, technology has stepped into the world of education and also has strong impact on it. If you are doing a course on something, you can use internet now to make things easier than before.

Today, students are thinking out-of-the-box. Being doctors or engineers are not the sole aim of their life. They are trying their hands in different fields and follow their passion to make it their occupation. Based on their choices, different types of courses are there in market. These courses will help them to learn things practically from the reputed instructors who are the connoisseur of certain fields.

Coursera is one of such field which can widen the sky of the students to fly high. While you are appearing for job interview or aiming to get promoted, you need to brush up your bookish knowledge. That is only possible if you get job-oriented courses from reputed sources. When you can access internet, you will get numerous such sources which also run certificate courses on different topics. Courser is one of such sources which are worth of getting enrolled. Go through this brief review before enrolling yourself.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an education based technology company which is dedicated to offer online courses on variety of subjects in affiliation with universities, colleges and other educational institutes. The variety of subjects on which you can get degree or diploma certificates from Coursera are engineering, business, computer science, humanities, mathematics, medicine, social sciences, digital marketing, digital sciences and others.

Before digging deep, you should know more about the background of Coursera. Among the other contemporaries, Coursera is apparently new in the field. But, within few years after launching, it has become successful to win hearts. It was 2012, when Coursera was founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, the computer science professors of Stanford University.

Initially, both of them were offering online courses to the students of Stanford University in the fall of 2011. Once getting huge success, they soon left Stanford and launched Coursera. The universities, like Princeton, the University of Michigan, Stanford and the University of Pennsylvania, were the first to provide contents on this platform. Till October, 2017, Coursera got enriched with 2000 courses with 28 million registered users.

How to Enroll in Coursera Courses for Free?

Before getting the answer, you need to know whether there are any free courses or not. Actually, there were free certificate courses at Coursera at the beginning. But, presently, you can’t get enrolled to any certificate course at free of cost. But, there are still ways where you can limit your expenditure. If you want to know whether Coursera courses are free or not, you get both positive and negative answer. That is because there are several elements of the course are free. For example, if you want to watch the videos, those are available at free of cost, but to access the graded assignments and certificates, you have to pay.

Now, the point is how to get the free course at Coursera? Here are certain steps-

The first thing you need to do is to find the course page. Basically, Coursera comes with two main products-

  • 1.Specializations
  • 2.Online Courses

If you choose online specialization courses, you get the opportunity to select the suitable one for you from the array of courses. There are lots of courses which are not part of specializations. If any usual course is around for twelve weeks or more, those turn into Specialization format and the original course, thus, splits into multiple courses.

While looking for course, the specialization and regular courses are mixed up. How to know which are the specialization courses? You will find certain numbers beside the course name that denoted how many courses you will be offered. Besides that, the Specializations are always listening on high rankings than the regular courses.

If you reach Specialization page, you will not be allowed to sign up for regular courses. Once you hit the ‘enroll’ button, you will only be given options of Specialization courses.

If you want to sign up for free, you need to reach for regular courses. To make things easy, you can copy the course page and paste it on the search bar to get the correct result for your search.

The next step is to get enrolled. Are you on the Coursera course page? Then you will find two monetization models for the users where you can choose the non-free portions of the course. Once you click on the ‘enroll’ button, you can get two options of which one will allow you to sign up for free.

There will be certain courses which won’t allow having ‘Full Course’. In that case, you may choose ‘audit’ and then click to ‘continue’ to set up for free.

There is another monetization method which is based on monthly subscription. This starts from $39 per month. Once you pay this, you can get access to premium features for the courses which are part of Specialization. If you stop this access, you can stop payment.

There is also a ‘try for free’ option. On a course page of Coursera, you may find certain Specialization courses. There will also be the 'enroll' button, surrounded by green background. Once you are signed in Coursers, you can view this button. Here, you will get the option, ‘Try for free’.

If you click on 'enroll', you will get a popup menu where you can sign up for free trial. You will also see a small ‘audit’ link. If you want to access free courses, click on that. This will lead you to watch videos and participate in discussions, but you can’t get the access to graded assignments.

So, these are the ways you have to go through while taking up Coursera regular courses and the Specializations.

Here is the brief review of Coursera and its courses. If you are willing to get degree or diploma courses on variety of topics, you can go for these courses as they are time saving and you get certificates which will be approved by leading universities and other organizations. Try now and brush up your area of expertise with the courses from Coursera.

Do you want to know the popular skills in 2018? Do you want to learn them at anytime, anywhere?  Coursera is just the right one for you. Let's join the most opular courses on here.

Data Science Specialization

Data Science Specialization free trial is coming.  It’s great news for all the learners out there that Johns Hopkins has finally launched their certificate Data Science specialization course exclusively on Coursera. It’s a ten certificate course that has been recently introduced by the Johns Hopkins University. The Data Science Specialization is developed in a way that upon the completion of the course students will be made capable of demonstrating their mastery based on the material.

And the fact that it’s an online course anyone can easily take up the course to give their career a boost. If you are one of those learners who are willing to take up this course then, you have come just at the right place. That's because you may get a complete insight about the course in here.

An Overview of the Data Science Specialization Course

The Data Science Specialization Course consists of the following ten courses:

1.The Data Scientist’s Toolbox: This is the first step where the basics of data science tools are being explained to the students. This will help you to get a grasp of what data science means.

2.Getting And Cleaning Data: To make you efficiently deliver data analysis, these particular skills in getting and cleaning data is taught to you through this course.

3.R Programming: This particular course teaches you about the basics of R which is done with the help of RStudio. Although, the program can be taken by anyone it demands some prior knowledge about programming.

4.Reproducible Research: This course teaches you how to make research reproducible.

5.Exploratory Data Analysis: This course focuses on making you understand a whole new range of data.

6.Regression Models: This course helps you to learn how to study the results of a regression model with the help of residuals.

7.Statistical Inference: Probability, Hypothesis, Confidence Intervals, Testing and Common Statistical distributions are the things that are covered in this course of Statistical Inference.

8.Developing Data Products: With the help of this course, you can learn how to make web apps and presentations using the R and thus, showcase your creations.

9.Practical Machine Learning: This course offers a detailed introduction and guide to the caret package and other areas of study.

10.Data Science Capstone: The main motive of the Capstone course is to bring together a lot of important elements of the course and bind it all together. Strengths of The Course

  • Anybody with a little or no knowledge about data science can take up this course.
  • A wide range of data science topics is being covered in this course.
  • Each of the courses in this program has a project with it.
  • The program is quite affordable.
  • Weakness of the Course
  • Along with R, the course could have taught the learners a few other tools as well.

In short, it can be concluded that the Data Science Specialization Course gives learners a terrific experience if, they take the course seriously.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

Google, the tech giant along with leading online education website Coursera, recently announced the launch of their new course for the IT professionals. This Google IT Support Professional Certificate course is mainly launched to help the IT sector globally. According to the statement given by Ben Fried, the Chief Information Officer and the Vice President at Google, most IT companies face problems in finding qualified IT professionals and since, the IT sector is a fast growing one, the problem is all the more prevalent.

But with the help of this certificate course, anyone with no previous knowledge can prepare themselves for entry-level jobs in the IT sector. Because of this, the problem of finding qualified IT professionals will be curbed to a certain extent. Also, it opens up new opportunities for all the learners.

An Overview of The Course The Google IT Support Professional Certificate Course

is developed by the subject-matter expert team of Google, and it has been exclusively launched on Coursera. The Google IT Support Professional Certificate course is designed in such a way that it can prepare anyone with no previous knowledge or experience in IT in about 8 to 12 months of time for the entry-level IT support jobs. With the help of this course, learners can share their details with a host of top companies including Walmart, Infosys, Bank of America, PNC Bank, UPMC, Sprint, GE Digital, TEKsystems and also Google for them to hire professionals for entry-level IT support jobs.

This certificate course launched by Google is the first of its kind. In other words, it can be said, that it’s a great initiative taken by Google to help all the potential learners. The fact that nowadays, the majority of the population are relying on their computers, learning an online course such as this one will become a lot easier. Based on a study on jobs conducted by HBS, jobs that don’t require a formal degree but just training, IT certificate course provides a clear pathway to learners even without a college degree to rise and prosper in the field of IT upon the completion of the course.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate course has been recently launched exclusively on Coursera, the registration of which has already begun from 16th of January. Since it is a six-course certificate, all the courses are going to be launched on 23rd of January. Unlike other online courses, this is a promising one, and if you manage to dedicate 8 to 10 hours a week then, you can easily finish the course within 12 months.

Also, you can skip through the part of the course which you already know and thus, speed up the course ahead. In short, it can be concluded that it's a great opportunity for all the learners. In case if you are one of the potential aspirants then you should probably not waste any more of your time and get yourself registered as soon as possible and give your career a boost.

Tips: Look at the simple video guide on how to use Coursera coupon and join a course with free trial.

Last updated on April 26, 2018