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Cost Plus World Market: One Stop Solution to All Your Needs

In today's time, most people lead a busy life. Every one of us is busy with something or the other, whether it be work or anything else. In such a situation we do not have much time to spare to shop for our daily needs including other important stuff for our house. Unless we are shopping for clothes, shoes, and bags, we hardly like to spend time shopping for the goods that we need in our house. Therefore, when we visit a store or even shop online, we expect to get everything on our list under the same roof or on the same site. That's because none of us like to jump from sites to sites or stores to stores in order to get the things we need. The stores that can provide with everything that we need is the one that we all prefer going to.

Such a store is usually called a 'one-stop solution' to all our needs. Speaking of which, there is one such retail market known as the Cost Plus World Market where you can literally get anything you need. The best thing about the store is that they also have their own site which means you don't even have to take the pain of going to the store and order online the things that you need. They have a wide range of collection of products from different parts of the world. Like for example, you can get unique handicrafts from Africa, pottery from Portugal and much more. You can get all of these in a single place and that is none other than Cost Plus World Market. Customers can use Cost Plus World Market promo code to have a very great price in the market. Today, in this article we are going to dig deep into the details of this company.

About Cost Plus World Market

For people who do not know Cost Plus World Market is one of the biggest chain of retail and specialty stores that deals with a variety of products. Starting from selling home décor to furniture to gifts to apparel to curtains, you can get anything at Cost Plus World Market. Other than home-related products you also get wine, coffee, craft beer and other various types of soft and hard drinks including several other international food products. There cannot be a single thing on your list that is not available therein Cost Plus World Market.
The name of the brand has been derived from selling items for 'cost plus 10%'. Cost Plus has its headquarters located in Alameda, California. It is one of the largest retail stores in California that has its online presence as well. The website of the brand is equally well maintained where you can search for everything that you need category wise. The company has been a subsidiary of Bed Bath & Beyond since the time it has been acquired in the year 2012.

History of Cost Plus World Market

When the brand name is so great, the history of the company has to be great. After going through so much about the company now let's dive into its history to know more about the company.

This particular chain of retail was founded by William Amthor in the year 1958 when he realized that the people of San Francisco loved imported discount retail goods and merchandise when he could sell off some extra rattan furniture. During that time Amthor owned a small family business of furniture in San Francisco. He had a small furniture store from where he operated. But instead of showcasing the furniture in his store he planned to rent 4,000 square feet of warehouse area in the Fisherman's Wharf area of San Francisco. This helped him to sell off the rattan furniture real quick. This led him to the realization that he should start a new business of importing merchandise. This led to the establishment of Cost Plus World Market's first store in Fisherman's Wharf area in the year 1958. he started importing wicker by the shiploads in order to grow his business.

After he had tasted success in his new business, he started to spear his wings across the Bay area and then later into the other states. Today, there are 276 stores that are spread across 35 states. The brand started off with the name 'Cost Plus' which later was re-branded to 'Cost Plus World Market'. Later in the year 1996, Cost Plus World Market decided to go public and thus, they began trading on the NASDAQ stock market. Since the establishment of the company, it has only achieved new heights of success. Today, it has made its position in the world market. In the year 2006 in the month of February, the earning of Cost Plus was estimated to be $125 million with $367 million in revenue for the 4th fiscal quarter of 2006. The total earnings of the company exceeded $250 million with over $800 million in revenue. Later in 2012, Cost Plus was acquired by Bath & Beyond.

In the year 2014, Cost Plus World Market launched an online marketplace which is known as Craft by World Market. The site will post certain items for one month at a time, and sell only the items that have a certain number of pre-orders. This is done to ensure that there are enough customers who are willing to buy the items.

Products Offered By Cost Plus World Market

As already mentioned above, the company deals in a variety of products. Starting from bed-sheets to handicrafts from different parts of the world, you can get everything from this single place. Cost Plus World Market is also known to have a collection of handmade and original products from all around the world. It has been more than 50 years since the company was founded and it still follows the same objective of discovering extraordinary finds from all over the world and then making them accessible to its customers. You also can use the Cost Plus World Market promo code to help you save much more money.

The products that are offered by Cost Plus World Market are known for its high-quality and low prices. Whether it is an eye-catching product or a trend-setting one, you can find it all under one roof. The main aim of Cost Plus World Market is to bring the joy of world bazaars to its customers. Each of their products has a story that is worth sharing and is selected with great care. Pottery from Portugal and collectibles from Africa, each of these items are nothing less than a piece of treasure. The list doesn't end here as Cost Plus also has a wide collection of gift items that you can gift to your loved ones. All of these items are available at all times at Cost Plus World market and that too at affordable rates. Some of the main categories of products that are offered by Cost Plus World Market include the following:

Furniture: The company itself started off with the selling of furniture so, there's no way that you won't get furniture available at Cost Plus World Market. The company offers all types of designer and stylish furniture that you can think of. Starting from dining furniture to office furniture, you can get it all here at one place. Not only that, but even the collection is great. If you want you can get furniture for your entire house from here itself.

Outdoor: You can also look for all sorts of quality outdoor products on this site which may include outdoor furniture, grilling, food and drink and much more. It's like they have a separate category for all the outdoor available items. All of the products are quite affordable and you can also get hold of the latest collections as well.

Rugs and Curtains: No matter what type of rugs and curtains you are looking for, you can get all of them here. They have a wide range of designs for rugs and curtains that are meant to be used in different areas. You may also come across some unique prints and designs at the same time.

Lighting: If you are planning to re-decorate your house with lightings then, you can get all types of lighting fixtures here. They offer a wide variety of lightings that you can go for. Starting from pendants to chandeliers, you can get everything under the same roof and that too at affordable prices.

Décor and Pillows: You can also find bed-sheets, pillowcases, wall art and much more at Cost Plus World Market. You can some of the very beautiful work of art in this section of their collection. Most of the artwork is collected from different countries. You can decorate your house using all of these beautiful décor items that are offered by Cost Plus World Market.

Bed and Bath: Bed & Bath have acquired Cost Plus World Market in the year 2012 and hence you can find all of their products on Cost Plus' site. All kinds of bedroom and bathroom items are available so you need not look for items from place to place. All the products are of quality range.

Dining: Cost Plus also offers all types of dinning products. Now you can dine in style with all their quality dining products. You can get exclusive dining sets and flatware that will enhance the beauty of your dining table.

Kitchen: For people who are fond of kitchen items can quench their heart here at Cost Plus World Market. All the latest and trending kitchen equipment are available at Cost Plus at an affordable rate. With the help of these kitchen items, you can improve your cooking experience. Even professional kitchen equipment is also available if you wish to buy any of them.

Food and Drink: If you are fond of exotic wines then you can buy all of that at Cost Plus World Market. They have a wide range of collection of exotic drinks and international food items. All of the products in this section are collected from different countries to give you an enriching experience.

Jewelry and Clothing: For all the ladies out there, you can get your clothing and matching jewelry from Cost Plus World Market. All the trending items are available here so you can get hold of them all at once.

Gifts: You can also find a number of gift items at Cost Plus World Market with which you can impress your near and dear ones. The gift items are all unique in nature which you won't find in any other ordinary retail store.

Holidays: You can also get exclusive items on holidays like for example father's day special items, children's day special items and much more.

Thus, you can see that you can literally get everything at Cost Plus World Market. Other than the above mentioned items you can also shop based on other categories such as the latest trends etc. In short Cost Plus, World Market is a place where you can get everything at an affordable price.

Other Important Information About Cost Plus World Market

Other than offering all types of goods, the company also provides customer services such as:

Return and Exchange Policy: The company has a return and exchange policy in case if, you are not satisfied with their products. The return and exchange policy is of 60 days which means you can take two months of time in order to decide whether you are happy with the product or not. People who buy stuff from their online site can also avail this policy.

Coupons and Discounts: The Company also provides a lot of coupons and discounts to its customers. You can always find something or the other item is on sale at Cost Plus World Market.

Thus, from the above discussion, it is clear that Cost Plus World Market is one of the most recognized chain of retail stores where you can literally find anything and everything. It is indeed a one-stop solution for all your needs. Try their products once and you are sure to get hooked. Don't forget to use the Cost Plus World Market promo code to help you generate more savings.

Last updated on June 07, 2018