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About Casadei

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Relevance of CASADEI  When One Decides to Include "CASADEI" In Their Wardrobe

There is no limit to creation and imagination. It is an art to anticipate the current fashion or to foretell which designs the people will love to wear. Casadei is one of those businesses that know the relevance of creativity and sophisticated craftsmanship. And Casadei promotion code, coupon code will help you save more money.

The brand is master of innovative designs and presents footwear that are highly different and varied from others. This small family based business saw the various shades of economic bloom.

The growth of this business was empowered first by the advertising crusade and there were exports made to Japan. During the period of eighties, the brand faced many mergers and amalgamations.

Its base of operation is still in Casadei and it still manages to produce shoes or sandals that are skillfully carved. So basically Casadei tells the whole journey of the brand from being a small venture to the world’s finest footwear companies.

Casadei foretells the way their creations are unfading, prominent, innovative and outstanding when compared to other footwear brands in the market. They showcase some of the best creative designs that have great uniqueness of their own. Casadei was started as a small venture with some designs but soon it soon it covered so many forms and creations.

Journey of The Brand from 1958 Till Now

Casadei is a venture in which there is blend of innovation, respect for tradition, new ideas, skilled craftsmanship and thorough research. Casadei was started as a small family runs business in 1958 and faced a lot of hurdles to reach to the position of being one of the finest footwear companies in the world. This venture was started in the heartland of Italy and then the export was done all over the world.

The Casadei reveals that per se the purpose of this company is not just to design the footwear for the sake of designing but the real aim is to produce a product that is an object of desire for all people and moreover the product is like the one which everyone wants to feel and buy.

The journey of Casadei began from 1958 as an exemplifying example of entrepreneurship. Later, in 1994 the Company faced a difficult time because of differences in two generations that were managing the company. This was because when in 1994 Cesare Casadei was selected as the creative head of the team, he had his own ideology and this was in complete contravention to the old ethics on which the company was based.

The original company was focused more on originality and less on diversification while the new team on board guided by Cesare Casadei was inclined towards a complete vision for the company. His operation team was more focused on promoting the brand on a global level and he was the connecting link between these two groups. One who was the founder of this craftsmanship and the other who endorsed new ideas/new concepts?

The Casadei also entails a later stage of growth from 2000 to 2010. This was the time when people started taking footwear industrialization as a serious art and heritage. It was taken as subject of pride and this was the time when Casadei decided the footwear should be a medium of changing fashion, moods and new trends of people. Footwear is the symbol of diversity, elegancy, glamour and varied fashions of all time.

Casadei embodies a heterogeneity that is from fifties sandals made up of animal skin to poppy lace up shoes.

From platform shoes with embroidery on borders to leather pumps with buckles attached. From the dotted boots to high leather boots showcasing animal print. Along with this it presents the sparkle of the embroidered uppers parts of the heels and the forever lissome feel of the shoes that showcase uniqueness of their own. Casadei has a special place for originality.

Further in 2008, the brand celebrated its golden jubilee and all the victory of this brand. They presented the all new creations and showcased the way they became one of the best in the world of footwear companies. In the year 2010, the sales of the footwear were tremendously augmented pertaining to the high quality creations provided by them.

Casadei harbored designs that no other brand had ever done. Their designs were specially made for the customers who wanted to look different. They just did not presented one of the best footwear in the world but they produced an innovation that had a feel and left an embark on the minds of the people.

This is all the information that the readers encapsulate from the varied sources of Casadei. Further, Casadei helps us know the brand and spreads the information of their footwear to every nook and corner. If you're searching for a Casadei coupon code to shop your favorite styles at much lower price than ever, look at the exclusive coupons here.

Key Points of the Casadei

Every small venture in its nascent stage has a bare minimum popularity. The main thrust of its popularity depends on the overall reviews of the customers. Thus the review of any brand or product adds to the sale of that product. Similarly, the Casadei is very significant from the point of the view that new customers generally choose a brand based on its earlier reviews.

We all have the tendency to choose a product that has higher customer rating and has good reviews on various websites. When the Casadei is analyzed and accounted for, then one finds everything best and positive about the brand. For example some of the best reviews of this brand are that:

Casadei focuses on the best finishing, trendy elements and high quality material.

This brand provides footwear with superb finishing and they are designed with exclusive base materials, which are mostly blended with the natural feel and fineness of leather or crocodile, suede or python with gaudy shimmer of rubber or nylon, Plexiglas or plastic.

This brand uses lively colors and such patterns and designs which add to the overall look of the footwear. The brand experiments with unfamiliar combinations and thus promotes new concepts and ideas worldwide. These days the higher end footwear and trending boots are in demand.

Casadei has a large stock of these footwears. The look of all footwear is refreshing because it merges the traditional technique with special cutting edge styles. They have a combination of traditional outlook with trending style.

Casadei has a solution for even those people who want to add a bit of height to a flat sole. Casadei has found a solution for such people; they make sculpted platforms to such flat soles to make their look trending and ease to manage.

Since, platform shoes look kiddish and people avoid wearing them but when it is coupled with sculpted platforms they look mature, decent and beautiful.

There are so many people who do not like leather shoes, but this brand has a solution for all those who do not like leather. Their manufacturing team replaces leather with a synthetic material like nylon or satin. This is a great idea for those who refrain from wearing animal skins but like the Italian designing.

Casadei has a great creative team that caters to each and every need of a customer.

They design the product with a lot of precision such that they sketch the upper part of the platform then the shape of a toecap or a platform, the line and at last the proportions of a heel to be kept keeping in mind the style and the final look.

Diversification is one of the greatest reviews of the Casadei footwear.

They have ankle boots, high boots, plump, platforms, and flats. They have a diverse collection for bridal look, celebrities and even sandals according to the season. Casadei is the one best platform for all that one wants.

Casadei insists high quality concept

Casadei highlights that one of the best features of this brand is that they have well crafted leather soles. Their leather soles are designed by a special team and since they know the significance of such soles, they present it with great perfection. These soles have their own advantages like they need less maintenance and look better.

They are quite presentable and improvise the overall look of the footwear. Synthetic soles may not be as durable as some people may like but this is not an issue with Casadei shoes and boots. One issue that many women may have is that the heel heights tend to be mainly on the high side.

If someone prefers a lower heel they may have to search harder to find shoes that they will feel comfortable wearing. There are a variety of heel styles which is great as it may be easier for people to find a style to suit them.

Aims at becoming the best footwear choice for people in the world

It looks like Casadei has the basic aim to design the best for the people. Since this is their main aim, they design the footwear for all kinds of people. They keep in mind people who have narrow feet, people who might have toe issues, and then people who have wider feet etc.

For people who have wide feet; they have designed a footwear that can be changed accordingly. For example they can be narrowed and get fitted according to foot size. Casadei provides numerous styles to the customers and gives them the choice to select one out of many. They do have limited designs for footwear; their creative team creates many looks for particular footwear so that it is liked by the customers.


Product exclusivity is that one quality that distinguishes this brand from other normal footwear. They present the footwear with some very beautiful and decorative elements such as ribbons, leather flowers, strings of crystals, eyelets and cutwork, metal details, jewel brooches, dyed fur, fascinating curls material etc.

Casadei has a very different concept of letting the customers know about the new designs they create. They have an option of send email to know the new designs in their official website which shows that they want all the customers to explore the new designs and then opt for the best for them.

After, analyzing all the aspects of the Casadei, we all also come to know that they have an excellent customer service support. Their customer service base is vigilant and addresses all the issues of the customer.

Apart from this they have exclusive sales for the customers. Their sales are very attractive and strongly recommended by the reviewers. Their sales also present variety of footwear like plumps, flats, sneakers etc. all together at affordable prices.

Casadei is a unique brand as it values everyone that is their craftsmen, their operation team, their manufacturing team and of course the customers. And the price is very reasonable, the Casadei promotion code/coupon code can give you a big discount.

The present scenario:

At present Casadei has about 21 main stores, Casadei gets the place to represent itself at various places international platforms. It gets the opportunity to present its beautiful creations at ramp shows and other prominent fashion weeks.

In 2015, Casadei inaugurated its showroom in Rome and then Milan. The new store in Milan was in great news because of the way it was designed. The idea of its designing was pioneered by Cesare Casadei.

Later in February, 2015 the must awaited online website of Casadei launched so that the customers can easily access the footwear by simple surfing. This launch showed that Casadei is open to new concepts; it has open doors for great imagination and innovation. It is a unique place for variation and the best styles in the market.

Thus, Casadei harbors some of the finest footwear in the world and they value innovation the most. Casadei is of great significance because they help a new customer to know all the pros of the brand, moreover it also helps them to analyze the various types of footwear available and then select the best for themselves.

In toto the brand endorses diversification and new concepts the most. Their biggest goal and objective is to make people look good by the footwear they choose. For them, the happiness of the clients is their biggest success.

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Last updated on June 12, 2018