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About Argos

All you want to know about Argos (

Argos is termed as a catalog retailer operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Sainsbury. This is the company that trades through both online as well as physical. There are all over 845 retail shops and approximately 29 million customers and there are also about two million of visitors all around the year, this is making it the best and the high street retailer in U.K. agro has franchise across the sea to the countries such as China.

Argo was established in the year 13 November by Richard he was known as the founder of green shield stamps. Richard is the one, who rebranded the instance of green shield stamps as Argos. This is known as pioneer satellite-based system that is being in service since the year 1978. This is the system that collects all the data from the platform transmitters, PPT and distributes sensor and data to its final user.  This also provides the scientific community to understand the environment and monitor it better. This also enables the industries to comply with the environmental protection that is being implemented by the government. Let's know more about Argos.

Some of the qualities and advantages of

The human touch- human touch is said to be a very important as said by Argo's assistance. This is the reason we approach totally with all that we do with all possible degree of professionalism and our main focus is being placed on our customer. The people who are receiving our help are not only the one who has casefile but are all individual that need our help, support, and assistance while having difficulty or emergency situation.   

Reliability and professionalism-they are having a great network of partners that are providing people with extreme assistance and provide our customer with peace of mind to all our customers.            

Customized services-the services that they provide are perfectly adapted that suits all the customer's needs.  Each of the time if there is any request for any assistance, they have their operators who will speak to the questions and helps you in solving all the questions and provide you with the assistance according to the request that is being received by the person. They provide great assistance to the customers in each possible scenario.  

High standards of quality- the assistance that is provided by the Argos guarantees you with a high level of professionalism and speed. The customer center is 24 hours available. Not only this, the multilingual staffs at staff response to our center and it also offer the customer to speak in French, Spanish, English and many other languages as well.        

Vision of Argos

The main vision of Argos is to be the most trustable retailer; it provides people with a platform where they will love to work and shop. They are making all their efforts by putting their customers at the heart of everything. The employees and our channels are offering people the best shopping experience.

Customers are known as the heart of their business and the success and growths of the business are based on look forward to and then deliver the entire customer needs.

What does trusted means?

They want that they should be known for all the right things for all our colleagues, customers and communities. This is done by them on sticking on their values and commitments. They don't just make fake promises and just makes the things look good but makes a great impact on the economy and our society. They make sure that they address all the significant issues that are being faced by our customers, shareholders, and colleagues. They have the belief that by the year 2020 they will be great tangible differences.

Values of Argos

They want that all the customers of their remains healthy and eat things that are healthy. This can easily be done by improving the quality of food that is there in their basket. They think that even small; changes can easily bring a great impact and thus they make all possible improvement that can bring a great impact on people's lives.

Health- we want all our customers to have great health and have things that are good for their health.
Sourcing- they make sure that they provide the customer with easy sourcing so that they do not find it difficult to get the things.
Environment- they make sure that all the things that are being made available are environment-friendly.
Community- the products and services rendered by us provide our customers with great support to our community.
Our colleagues- our colleagues working there should have all favorable environment and better place t live in.

Know what are the strategies and how does it supports our vision

Our strategies that help them in achieving their vision of being one of the most5 trusted retailers where people will love to work and shop. As our first launch was 150 years ago we are helping our customers to live well with less. They are now one of the leading retailers of food, clothing's, and financial services. They are more responsible towards their customer, colleagues and communities and our planet.
The strategies show the areas that matter to many of us and in this way they are making ways that are making difference in people's lives.

The strategy is being made on five pillars and they know their customers very well, they are always ready to help them anytime whenever they need them. They provide their customer with great product services at fair prices.

Know how business is providing support to their vision

One of the most important things in retails environment is a convenience, speed, flexibility. The main strategy is to sell multiple products through various channels and make it easy for our customer to easily shop with us. With all that they want.

As food is always said to be the heartland and there will be continuous challenges being faced by them on the price, quality, and things that are more inspiring and nutritious to everyone. With the help of Argo, they can easily offer people with trusted products all across home, electrical, technology, clothing, and toys.

Advantages of Argos going online

Some of the advantages of Argos trading online is it helps you to widen the customer base. The people living in rural areas have no mode of transport and thus have less likely to buy things from Argos. Therefore they are not able to get these Argos stores. So now Argos offer the online service to its people who are redistricted to one town, so now they can easily buy from online and they can easily deliver things that they buy to their house.

Another advantage of Argos going online is they do not have to hire people in their general stores. They can now have one warehouse where all the items are being stored from where they can buy things online. Going online will help them in keeping the cost low as they do not have to open any store and they can also choose to close some instead. Argos decided to close 75 high street stores closed as they want to push to take their online business forward.

Argos now offers the customer with 24x7 operation services. This means the customer can easily buy things from the site anytime in the day or night sitting comfortably in their homes. Physical shops do not usually operate for 24x7 they may close for an hour during the daytime for lunch and thus this causes inconvenience. Shopping online with agro can help you with shopping online at any time, where ever you like.

The major thing that helps you in having an online business is that it can easily increase the number of customers that they are having. Having a physical shop may just have a customer from the town but now while operating online they can now easily shop all over the world and this will help you in increasing money what is being made by them. Earlier the store may have customers only from town or from a neighboring town. But having the online operation they can make customers from all over the world.

Some of the best features of Argo mobile applications

Argo is said to be a top multichannel UK retailer and this is because of the mobile application. That is placing an easy emphasis on easy to reach and making comfortable customer experiences that are led by this application.

Let's know about the features that are provided by the Argos application that is making Argos so popular

Keeping it local- while you download this application Argos will ask you about setting your location; this can easily be done with the help of geolocation. This app will help you in localizing the map each time you fire up the application.
The consistency of CTAs- Argos site use only one color from the most important CTAs throughout the site and the blue is never repeated in any other element of the site.
Saved searches- they do not provide its customers with predictive results as you type into the search bar, this will save all your searches in a form.
Suitability- this application provides you with the feature to swipe between side menus and gets the best that is particularly pleasing.
Large text-sometime they seem to be very simple, but now there are many e-commerce sites limit the accessibility of text in the menu is too small but the Argos app does not limit its accessibility.
Category thumbnail images- the categories become very appealing with the use of thumbnail images to encourage exploration.
Detailed product images- the ability to view all the images of the products and they are being treated to the nice large photo when tapped.
Wishlist- you can easily do placement and add to wishlist ghost button that is being shaped in the heart. The added to wishlist message appears for a very brief moment so there is no need to interrupt the experience.
Click and collect- Argos offer you with the click and collect option as its primary offering, checking the availability is one such tool as customers have already set all their preferences in the wishlist.
Home delivery window- there is a great availability of home delivery option being provided on the application, there is a timeframe being offered through one click postcode checker.
Availability in all stores- this is an application that helps you in knowing the availability of the items in order of closest to your location.
Pay now or pay later- if you are choosing the options click and collect then you can even pay later in the store. This is said to be one of the most convenient options especially for the one who doesn't have any payment information in hand or to the people who does not want to save their card details to anyone.
Map/store information- you can easily see all the Argos branches on the map this will help you in automatically setting up your location. Just through a single click, you can easily get all the store information that is needed by you. You can easily see all the information of the store that is needed by you. This also includes the opening and closing time as well as the direction of the store.
All the contact info you'll ever need- this will help you in knowing all the information and they can also be saved to your phone if you desire.
Social proof – the page allows space for customer rating and there are many links as well provided for you for rating.
Micro UX- when you click on the trolley there will always be a neat animation of the product disappearing into the basket.
Bringing the catalog to life- in the application, there is a barcode scanner; these can easily be used in store with the catalog, unlocking, access, access to additional content.

These are all the features of mobile application of Argos.

Last updated on June 20, 2018