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About Amazon

What makes the most preferred e-commerce site? is the brainchild of a very brilliant person named Jeff Bezos. The company that started off as a book selling online portal has become one of the world's largest e-commerce site. In fact, Amazon is also the mother of all the other e-commerce sites in the world. The ex-employees of Amazon started the other online business platforms respectively. The growth of Amazon within a span of two and a half decades is phenomenal. The company that works together as a team with the sole aim of providing out of the world customer service is the biggest reason for the success of this firm.

The following reasons can be attributed to the success of this multi-billion company.


The team that works under Jeff Bezos is highly dedicated. The company has an excellent team of innovative coders who work day and night to make the company give its best. Though there are instances of the boss being too strict with his employees, the employees never feel low and always keep working hard to show their prowess. Keeping in mind, the highly stressful atmosphere of the firm, there is an echo device which listens to the commands of the workers.

The entire bunch of workers will be under severe conditions of stress, so they can't communicate with one and another freely, this echo device has grabbed the attention of some of the top economists in the world too. The echo device holds the review of more than 30,000 products, be it anything ranging from movies to restaurants. The echo device also plays the song that is requested by the user. There is a skeleton that was installed in the office of Amazon by Jeff as he was not able to prevent the entry of eBay into the market.


The company that started off as a mere bookselling site has now turned out to be a site that literally sells everything under the sun. Jeff, a graduate of the Princeton University held positions of top management in customer services, banks, and other financial firms. He had spent a considerable amount of years of his life as an employee. He was even elevated up to the position of the Senior Vice President by the age of 30. This shows the dedication levels of the top management of the firm. He started Amazon at a garage with the financial support of his parents.

He decided to make the company go public with Initial Public Offering within two years of the inauguration of the company. He made it very clear to the willful share investors that they might even lose their money if they invest in the new budding firm. But those who had invested in this firm only came out to become some of the richest persons just by vesting their hard-earned money in the right place. Jeff had already been aware of the fact that the internet business is going to rule the world in the next years to come. Jeff with his honest approach has garnered a lot of shareholders in the years after the first IPO was floated.

The main head of the firm is a very strict man with an honest approach towards his work. He always makes sure that he keeps up his words. Honesty is what sets a company apart from others.

Innovative products of Amazon

The company has never feared to think out of the box and produce innovative products.

Amazon Kindle is the proud owner of the Kindle which revolutionized the reading experience. The Kindle is an ode to the roots of the firm that sold books. Even the book that was first sold is present in the headquarters of The Kindle is one of the revolutionary findings of The Kindle ever since it was launched had come in various sizes and features. Kindle also bought the world of writers more closely to each other. It helped to inculcate the habit of reading for those who were not very potentially rich to afford to buy paperback books. The Kindle is very handy and can be carried anywhere. It causes no strain to human eyes as it is designed to provide a reading experience without the usage of strong blue lights inside the otherwise any electronic device.

Amazon Locker

Apart from Kindle, Amazon is also the founder of the product named Amazon locker. This is a boon to those who keep traveling often or do not wish to get their products delivered at their offices or those who do not want to interrupt their neighbors. This is the option by which the delivery personnel leaves the ordered product at the locker locations. The customers can take their products from the lockers by using a unique code. Though separate charges are levied for the use of lockers, this is a great idea and of great help to those busy buyers. Amazon also has this cool feature where one could just click pictures of the things they see anywhere and Amazon would add the item to their shopping list.

Customer Satisfaction

The key to success of any organization is to follow the mantra that states Customer is king. Jeff had learned this too early in his youth to treat the customers like a king to make them keep coming back again and again. Jeff believes in the concept of Word of mouth. Earlier, when a person is conveying his reviews about a particular service to someone, it would not go beyond the number of 6. But if someone says something in an online platform, it reaches to more than 60,000.

The customer reviews filtration of each product is presented neatly on the site of Amazon does not hide anything from its customers. The customers can have a read of the various non-edited reviews posted by the buyers of the same product and can decide on whether to buy the product or not. This shows how clean slate the company is behaving towards its customers. This is what creates a huge space for trust over Amazon from the customer side.

Imbibes the success stories of other firms

Amazon is not a company that just focusses on its competitors; it also focusses on its customers. There are many online retail chains that provide dedicated service to the delivery of a particular range of products, like an online apparels seller, online grocery seller etc., Amazon makes it a point to study the selling style of all these sites and impregnates them into their site and makes the customer feel like shopping all in one. Amazon aims at providing the customers with the shopping experience as that of a mall.

Jeff is known to read the emails that are sent to the Customers. The emails are then forwarded to the employees of the firm with a? succeeding the query of the customer. This shows how the multi-billionaire treats each of his customers.

This is why out of all the online retailers in the world; Amazon still holds the top spots.

Perfect execution

The amazing tech team of that works on the data analytics engine filters and displays only the preferences of the customer. The works to cater to the needs and demands of the customer. The algorithm of the site is designed so well that based on the past history of orders the customer had made and based on the searches made by the customer, the site shows up the products. The also takes all efforts to keep contacting its customers often via their mail ID and their registered mobile numbers to intimate them on the offers that are ongoing. The amazing rapport that the company has with the vendors has lasted the relationship of the vendors with this firm. There are distribution centers all over the globe that makes prompt delivery. The company has also tied up with some of the best logistics providers to serve the customers on time.

Prompt Delivery

The delivery of the products is what decides the customer's view of the company. There cannot be any match for the impeccable packing style that follows. It does not matter what is the bill amount, but the packaging has no compromise. There are plans to expand the businesses of the firm in continents like Europe. There are also plans to set up physical stores all over the globe. Already one such store has been launched in the bustling city of New York. If Amazon launches its physical stores all over the world, then it would prove to be of a very tough competition to the already existing retail companies.

The delivery personnel of is very warm towards their customers. The options like Leve with a Neighbor were all incorporated by Amazon at first. The delivery personnel never fail to deliver the product to the customer on time be it any weather condition. There are also personnel who make calls to ask if they could come and deliver the product so that they do not prove to be a hindrance when a person is heading out somewhere.

The various payment options that are provided by is a boon for those who are living in any economy of the world.

Excellent User Interface of

It is a known fact that is known to hire Catalog Associates in order to increase the customer access to the website. It is one of the best points to note that makes it a point that any user feels very comfortable while shopping with The usage of the right font size, the user interactive design makes it easy for a layman to shop using

Sexy Discount deals is known to provide some of the best discounts online. Consumers wait for the festive season to make their orders online so that they could get the best deal. caters the need of all the customers by slashing discount rates depending on the country that they reside in. Different discount deals are announced for different customer bases that are based on the demographics and the region. The regular customers are treated very well in They are given special Amazon coupons, discounts, gift vouchers, cashback etc.

Amazon Pay and Amazon Prime

These two are the best to come out of Amazon recently. The Amazon pay keeps providing great offers to those customers who keep shopping by using the Amazon Wallet. The Amazon Prime came as a stiff competitor to the otherwise Netflix dominated arena of the online movie streaming site. Many around the world are very happy to be a part of the Amazon Prime Subscription member. Apart from the thousands and thousands of movies, you can watch in all genres and in all languages, one can also enjoy the prompt delivery service by becoming an Amazon Prime member.

Some facts you should know about

These are some of the mind-blowing facts about

The warehouses of are 700 times the size of the Maddison Square Gardens and the warehouses can fit in more than 10,000 Olympic pools.
Once when the site of went down for a span of about 49 minutes, the company had lost sales of about 5.7 million dollars.
The symbol of Amazon that goes with an arrow mark going from the A of Amazon to the Z of Amazon indicates that the company is dedicated to serving the A-Z needs of the customers from any corner of the world.
The employees who hold high positions in the company, even the CEO work for 2 days for every 2 years behind the customer service desks to actually know and understand the needs of the customer.

These are some of the reasons why Amazon became one of the best companies of all the times. The ever-diversifying pattern of the company, the boss who loves to take risks and the workers whose only intention is to satisfy the customers makes it the most preferred E-commerce site.

Last updated on May 10, 2018