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About 6pm

Reviews of 6 PM- know why it is suitable for customers!

The days when people use to feel uncomfortable about online shopping seems no less than a fiction now. The online shopping sites or stores have taken over the retail shops and showrooms to a great level. People today, shop right from their key chain to their televisions from online stores without having a sign of doubt. With the increase of peoples trust in online shopping, more and more shopping websites have emerged overtime. Just when you think that you have become a pro in online shopping and know it all about the various shopping websites, a new name emerges every time. It could be said that there are still endless frontiers to be explored in online shopping and people still have a long way to go.

People feel safe with the old and trusted shopping sites like Amazon but the picture with new online shopping stores is a little different. Amidst the vast industry of online shopping stores, not all the sellers are genuine and real. There have been several cases of frauds and scams giving people a reason to doubt on all of them.

6PM is one of the online shopping websites that has become popular in a very short span of time. This website sells a wide range of products right from clothing’s to foot wears to accessories. The internet is full with positive and negative reviews about this site, but there is still a lot of information lacking about 6PM. here, you will get all the reviews about this site along with its products and features.

Information about 6 PM

Before moving forward with the reviews of 6PM, it is important that people get to know what it actually is. 6PM is an online shopping website owned by Zappos and Amazon. It is basically the discount retail division of the Zappos IP, Inc that has been serving its customers via online shopping store since 2007. 6PM is known to offer best deals and discounted fashion. Initially the items were available on Zappos and Amazon but the prices at 6PM are much deeply discounted than at the other two giants. The best feature of this website is that it provides products at a much lower rate. This happens because the goods that are removed from Zappos and Amazon are moved to 6PM.

It is a unique concept and marketplace that claims to offer its customers with thousands of styles from various brands and exhibits a huge variety of fashionable items for whole of the family. The stocks over 6PM run out quite fast due to their low rates and wide variety of fashion. 6PM has its head quarters in Las Vegas, United States but operates its business all round the world as an online shopping website.

6 PM is a trustworthy shopping destination!

This question arises on almost every person’s mind engaged in online shopping. The utterly discounted rates and alluring products over this site gets people into dilemma weather it is really true or a scam. To begin with, it could be said that 6PM is definitely not a scam! It is a 100 percent genuine online shopping store that offers legitimate products to its customers. There are various reviews over the internet claiming its fakeness but not any of them is true. There may be unsatisfied customers of this website but the reviews about it being fake are definitely not true. Moreover, 6PM is associated with all the top brands and provides a wide range of fashion and utility items.

Interesting features of this website-

This online shopping site provides a lot of facilities and features to its clients. To know about 6PM in better way, you can go through the below mentioned points explaining all its offers, deals and features in brief:

Products are available for all the age groups and genders be it men, women or kids The items are classified based on various categories. Accessories, clothing, foot wears are some of the common items available.
All brands and products of all ranges are available
Exchange is not allowed. only returns are permissible
Comes up with daily deals and sales giving huge discounts.
bonuses and loyalty points are given to the loyal customers
Genuine products with no fake qualities
Free delivery and on time delivery of goods

Though you may find it like any other shopping website but 6PM has a lot more to offer. Here are the reviews over this online shopping site.

Best Reviews of 6 PM

All the customer reviews cannot be trusted as they can be fake as well. To know the correct reviews it is important that the real and genuine customers are interacted with. 6PM is renowned for its shoes and footwear collection. It has an extensive collection of shoes and other footwear’s for all genders and group of people. Other than this it offers a wide range of products in clothing, bags, and accessories for men, women and children as well. 6PM offers great deals on daily basis to help their customers save further more. Here is the categorized review of 6PM to know it in a better way!

Product Classification

The products over this site are organized by style, brands, color, gender, age and other such factors. You just have to click on the category you are interested in without wasting your time scrolling over all the available items. Further, you can also assort the items based on their height, size, price, occasion and other such classifications. This store has it all. You just have to name the item you wish and it will be available to you in a much lower rate. However, the stock over here moves too quickly and therefore the customers have to book their items fast.

Get the best deals and discount offers here

6PM offers daily deals or sales to its customers on specific items. You can sign up for their Daily Deals emails. It notifies you about all the promotions, special offers and new brands available on the store and you can receive the coupons to save more from the deals. There is also a clearance section on the shopping site. In case if you are not able to find what you want in the other sections, you can look for it in the clearance section. The deals and offers by 6PM is the best way to save money. Daily deals are a great service where people can get their product at much lower rates.

Exchange, refund policies as well as shipping charges

One drawback of 6PM is that it does not accept exchanges. So in case your product does not fit you, you do not have the facility to get it exchanged even for another size of the same product. However, this is also not a very big issue as you can return the item and again purchase any other item you want. The customers are responsible for the return as well as shipping fees and the company does not bear it. The shipping or delivery charge over here is free. Though there are no exchange policies but the return policies are quite simple and fast. Therefore the customers do not have to face any major difficulty.

Top quality Customer services

6PM gives email support to all its customers with the help of which they can get updates about all the deals, offers, their previous orders, and information about their current order. It also has a separate FAQ page from where its customers can read all the information about them. The company also allows you to talk and contact a live agent in case of any query or complaint. Customers can contact the agent via a toll free number which is given at company’s online website. All in all it could be said that they have a satisfactory customer service and strive to serve their clients in the best possible manner they can.

Points to remember while ordering on 6 PM-

Before jumping on to the conclusions and making any purchase from this site, here are few points that every customer must be aware of:

The owners of 6PM- Zappos are the parent company of this site and Zappos is intern owned by Amazon. This means that both 6PM and Zappos are intermediaries of the market giant Amazon. Since both the parent companies are renowned for their excellent customer services, 6PM works in the similar manner. 6PM has much lower prices than the other two companies.

Quality of the product they sell- a huge mass of people has a notion that the secret behind low prices of 6PM is that they sell factory seconds or defects which is an entire myth. 6Pm may be selling discontinued products from its parent companies but does not sell any fake item or defects. The items that you see on this site are totally authentic and original which sells discounted items which are no mote sold on Zappos.

They do not have product reviews- like all the other common shopping stores; Zappos do not have customer reviews on their website. This means that the new customers will never come to know what the product actually looks like when it is delivered. However, this is too not a very big issue as you can read the reviews of the same product over Amazon or Zappos. Though this process is little tiring but at least it does not leave you unaware about the product. Other than this there are other customer reviews available but be aware of the fake ones.

6PM does not price match- the parent company, Zappos removed its price protection policy few years back but many people are still not aware of this. This means that 6PM does not match the price of its competitor companies and do not do the price adjustments as well. It can be said that this feature is not really helpful for the customers. You can do the price comparison individually from other favorable websites. This does not affect the quality of the product in any manner.

Exchanges are not accepted by the company- this point has been already discussed earlier. It is a very important point that must be noted before making purchase over this site. 6PM does not accept exchanges in any case. This means that if you have to buy the same shoes for another size, you will first have to return the shoes and then purchase the other one. This is generally practiced in all the big stores and shops and is not a very big obstacle in shopping as you will be able to get your thing returned in any manner.

They offer huge one day sales- the very popular 6PM or early morning sales are a big chance to hunt your favorite items. This type of sale is just for the day and the stocks run out really fast in it. Therefore the customers have to be alert to avail the huge discounts in this sale.

Conclusion about 6 PM

The ground truth is that achieving 100 percent customer satisfaction for any online shopping site is next to impossible. However, 6PM has a made a great customer base in a very short span of time. It has thousands of trusted and loyal customers praising its services and products all year round. It has a fair assortment of all the high end items. They always maintain a good stock of all the basic items so that their customers do not have to wait for the stocks to be refilled. The customers over this website can experience some of the amazing luxury bargains in sunglasses, Frye boots and other shoes as well.

Another good thing about 6PM is that it has a free loyalty program known as Brandaholics where the customers can earn points towards the admission to the Limited Access site when they join the program. The customers can also earn codes of the brandaholic bonus coupons and can avail 10 percent off for future purchases. Therefore if you are a Shopaholic and want to save good amount of money as well, then 6PM is the right choice for you.

Last updated on April 27, 2018